Logos Free Book of the Month for February 2021 – Joel Green, 1 Peter (Two Horizons Commentary)

Joel Green 1 Peter Two Horizons CommentaryLogos partners with Eerdmans for an epic Free Book of the Month promotion for February 2021. The free book is Joel Green’s two Horizon’s commentary on 1 Peter. The Two Horizons series uses the methods of Theological Interpretation of Scripture. Each commentary starts with a traditional exegetical commentary followed by a series of essays on theological issues arising from the exegesis. I have reviewed several of the Two Horizons commentaries over the years, see this review of Scott Spencer’s Luke volume (there is an index of all the Two Horizon commentaries reviewed). Geoffrey Grogan’s Psalms commentary in the series is only $2.99, both are excellent additions to your library.

There are two Pillar Commentaries offer at significant discounts, Robert Yarbrough’s The Letters to Timothy and Titus (read my review here) and a pre-order of the second edition of Douglas Moo’s James commentary. A pre-order is a great way to save on new resources. Logos measures interest in new resources by taking pre-orders, but you will not be charged until the book ships.

There are also two New International Commentaries offered this month, Robert Mounce’s excellent commentary on Revelation and Bruce Waltke’s Proverbs 1-15. Although a little more expensive than the rest, these are both excellent exegetical commentaries and worthy addition to your library.

  • Joel B. Green, 1 Peter (The Two Horizons New Testament Commentary), Free!
  • Juan I. Alfaro, Justice and Loyalty: A Commentary on the Book of Micah (International Theological Commentary series), 99 cents
  • Geoffrey Grogan Psalms (The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary) $2.99
  • Robert Yarbrough, The Letters to Timothy and Titus (Pillar New Testament Commentary), $3.99
  • Gordon Fee and Robert Hubbard, eds., The Eerdmans Companion to the Bible, $5.99
  • Walter Brueggemann, A Commentary on Jeremiah: Exile and Homecoming, $7.99
  • Robert H. Mounce, The Book of Revelation (The New International Commentary on the New Testament), $9.99
  • Bruce Waltke, The Book of Proverbs, Chapters 1–15 (The New International Commentary on the Old Testament), $14.99
  • Pre-Order Douglas J. Moo, The Letter of James, 2nd ed. (Pillar New Testament Commentary), $19.99

Pitre, New Covenant JewUsually Logos does “Another Free Book” promo mid-month, but this month they posted it early. (HT to Ruben De Rus for pointing this out to me!) Get a free copy of John Pilch, A Cultural Handbook to the Bible. This book was the 2000 Catholic Press Association Award Winner. From the blurb, “For those who seek to understand the Bible as a document from the ancient Mediterranean world and communicate it to people in other cultures, The Cultural Dictionary of the Bible is an ideal tool.” On deep discount is Brant Pitre’s excellent study on Jesus and the Last Supper (his chapter on the Last Supper and the Messianic Banquet has some really good footnotes). I reviewed Pitre, Barber, and Kincaid, Paul, a New Covenant Jew: Rethinking Pauline Theology here.

Here are the other discounted resources from Eerdmans on the “Another Free Book” page.

  • Frank Matera, God’s Saving Grace: A Pauline Theology, $3.99
  • J. Patout Burns Jr., Romans: Interpreted by Early Christian Commentators (The Church’s Bible), $5.99
  • Brant Pitre, Jesus and the Last Supper, $7.99
  • Pitre, Barber, and Kincaid, Paul, a New Covenant Jew: Rethinking Pauline Theology, $9.99
  • Oliva Blanchette, Maurice Blondel: A Philosophical Life, $9.99

If you do not have Logos 9 yet, you can get the Logos 9 Fundamentals or the (free) Basic Edition and begin reading these books right away. Right now First-time Logos users save 50% on the Fundamentals bundle, only $49.95. By following that link you can also choose five additional resources for free. Logos Basic is the free version of Logos Bible Software and has limited free resources, but you do get the Lexham Bible Dictionary and can use the basic edition to add the free and discounted resources listed above.

These free and discounted commentaries are only available through February 2021.





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