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I have been blessed to lead ten trips to Israel since May of 2005. This page collects all of my blog posts from my tours of Israel, Jordan, and Turkey. Be sure to also check out my Flickr site for more photos.

The Grand Rapids Press featured our educational tours on the Religion page.

Student trips are at the end of the semester when it can be quite warm in Israel and may include longer hikes and walking.  Adults are welcome, but need to realize that the trip is designed for college students. The Adult trips are scheduled for a cooler time of year in Israel, have less walking (and more frequent bathroom breaks!)  Feel free to contact me if you have questions about traveling to Israel in the future!

Click on the group pictures for posts from each trip.

Petra Group 2022

Israel / Jordan 2022

Israel / Jordan 2019

Israel, Jordan, Travel

Israel / Jordan 2017

Israel, Jordan, Travel

Israel / Jordan 2015

Israel, Jordan, Travel

Israel / Jordan 2013

Israel, Jordan, Travel

Israel / Jordan January 2012

Israel, Jordan, Travel

Israel / Jordan 2011

Israel 2009

Israel 2007

Israel, Petra, Jordan, Travel

Israel 2005

15 thoughts on “Israel Trips

  1. P. Long,

    StarTrek Meets Israel – Time Travel Through the Bible is available on Netflix and is a Documentary circa 1990 (Before the Church was built over Peter’s House in Capernaum) Some good references to our tour sites, Beth and I watched it through without laughing too hard. Jonathan Frakes is the good Host. Enjoy – Should it be required viewing for students before such a trip?

    We had a great time in Israel- Rick & Beth

    • Thanks for that recommendation. I think I might have used that in a class years ago when I was teaching in California, or Frakkes has hosted other Bible-related shows. I have not quite finished tweaking the 2012 trip (I need to re-host the pictures, etc.), but thanks for stopping by. It was a great trip, I enjoyed it myself!

  2. Hello Phillip.
    I also blog on WordPress and your site popped up. Thank you for bringing six groups to Israel. An incredible place, isn’t it?
    Blessings from Jerusalem,

    • Thanks for your kind words. Your blog looks great. I plan to spend some time reading the details later….

    • I have a college student trip leaving April 27, and I am considering an adult trip in 2016. I have not worked with Shumuel Browns, although he commented on this thread and you can click through to his site.

    • Yes, leaving May 1, back on May 13 or 14. We will start in Jerusalem, then Galilee, crossing the border to Jordan to visit Jerash and the next day Petra, back into Israel and the Red Sea (probably some snorkeling in the Red Sea), then the camp in the desert, at Tamar. We will hit all the usually desert sites. I can send you an itinerary via email.

  3. I am hoping to take some people from my congregation on a trip this upcoming June. Is there a specific tour/travel company you would recommend? I am leaning towards Maranatha tours.

    • I run my Israel tours myself with the help of a local organization which manages the Tamar archaeological park. I have worked with Tutku Tours for Turkey and I considering them for my next Israel trip. I was very impressed with their organization in Turkey and they have been doing Israel for many years. They advertise on the back inside cover of BAR usually.

      Make sure you communicate with what ever tour group you use to make the trip what you want it to be. Sometimes they assume “Christian” means heavy on the pilgrimage sites, when maybe you want to some other sites which are more historical. For example, I very strongly believe my students need to visit the Yad VaShem (Holocaust Museum). It is not on some pilgrimage type tours, but for college students, it is a very important part of their education.

      Many of the local guides will divert you to certain shops or make you see some demonstration because they get a kickback from the shop owners when your group spends money. Sometimes this cannot be avoided (and it is not always a bad thing), but when I have used an Israeli tour guide I had to insist my college students did not need to visit the diamond factory in Elait, for example. Since I have done this eight times now, I lead the group in Israel myself and skip all of that sort of thing.

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