About the Blog: This blog was originally designed to extend the discussion of Acts based on my evening services at Rush Creek Bible Church in Byron Center, Michigan, beginning September 14, 2008.  My intent then was to post a few comments about the portion of Acts scheduled for that Sunday evening, then I would post a few notes from the evening service on the Monday after I teach the section.  After finished the book of Acts, the focus of the blog broadened to include issues of Pauline Theology along with the Book of Acts.  I have “read through” the NT on the blog several times, going far beyond the original title. I started including book reviews and commentary on using technology for biblical studies in the summer of 2011, making the title even less accurate.

On the other hand, perhaps the title means “the act of reading” any text, but applying reader-response criticism to your own work seems fairly self-centered.

I have posted a few papers at Academia.edu. Feel free to follow me there.

Disclaimer: The opinions I express on this blog are my own and are not intended to represent the views of any organization for which I am employed.

About Phillip J. Long: I have taught full time at Grace Bible College since 1998, specializing in Bible and Biblical languages.  I have two Masters degrees from Talbot School of Theology (BIOLA), one in Biblical Exposition and another in Old Testament and a PhD in New Testament from Andrews University. My dissertation was entitled “Messianic Banquet Imagery in the Synoptic Gospels: An Intertextual Study” and was published as Jesus the Bridegroom by Pickwick Books in 2012.

I read books, drink strong coffee, and listen to excellent music, often at the same time.