Israel / Jordan 2022



Mount of Olives

In May 2022 I traveled with 27 students, parents and friends to Israel and Jordan. Professor Scott Shaw was a co-leader; without his help it would have been impossible to manage a group of this size. The students were remarkable – very attentive and inquisitive and (almost) always on time. I wrote these posts while in Israel or Jordan on my iPad, so think of them as “live reports from the field.” I revisited them once I was home to add additional photographs when internet was bad and correct some typos.

I have an Israel / Jordan tour planned for May 2023. If you are interested in the Seven Churches of Revelation tour,  I highly recommend the Global Smyrna Meeting hosted by Tutku in June 2023. This is a tour of all seven churches with Bible Conference meetings one day and in the evenings (at least go check out the speakers at the conference). For more information on either trip, contact me directly via email or a direct message on twitter @plong42.

Grace Christian University Tour of Israel and Jordan 2022

Visiting the Old City of Jerusalem

The Mount of Olives to the City of David and the Temple Tunnel

Israeli National Museum and Yad VaShem

Caesarea, Megiddo, and the Sea of Galilee

Following Jesus around Galilee

Jerash and on to Petra

Visiting the Nabatean City of Petra 

Swimming in the Red Sea

Masada, Arad and Swimming in the Dead Sea

Hiking at En-Gedi, visiting Qumran, and Qasr al Yahud

2 thoughts on “Israel / Jordan 2022

  1. I want to go, next time you go to Israel. Please, inform me of the next trip.

  2. I enjoyed this teaching. It is according to the word of God. It was so filling, I am blessed to read this. God spoke through you, to my spirit. I share the word, with other Christian’s. I sometimes don’t do it in the Spirit but in the flesh. But, I try to only share their behavior through scriptures. Still I mess up, because I don’t use gentleness. I just give them the word of God, and that’s all. I need more love and kindness. Pray for me, that I’d never stop sharing God’s word, but I’d do it. With more kindness.

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