Biblical Studies Carnival 179 for January 2021

What is a Kindle? memeJim West posted the first Biblical Studies Carnival of 2021at Zwinglius Redivivus. Jim expresses the hope “Let’s Hope It’s Not Another 2020, but it Started Off Pretty Horribly And Ended Better.” It is a great carnival, collecting the best and brightest blog posts in biblical and theological studies in January. Jim included Archaeology and a few book reviews as well. As usual Jim’s carnivals are a great template for future hosts.

Jim is occasionally active on Twitter, follow him if you dare (@EmilBrunner1).

A number of people stepped up to volunteer to host future carnivals. in 2021, at least through June. But there is still plenty of time for you to get your name on the list for hosting a biblical studies carnival in 2021. Here is what I have lined up for 2021:

You can contact me via email, or DM on twitter (plong42) to discuss hosting a carnival in 2021. I would love to see some veteran bloggers step up and cover a month in 2021. If you are a new BiblioBlogger, this is a good way to get your blog’s name “out there.”

Check out the Biblical Studies Carnival Master List at the top of this page to visit past carnivals.

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