The Epistle to the Hebrews, Ceslas Spicq

SpicqThere was one other bit of Logos Bible Software news I wanted to pass along. Logos is preparing an English translation of Ceslas Spicq’s two-volume commentary L’Épitre aux Hébreux (1952-53)If you have done any work in Hebrews, you know Spicq’s commentary is constantly cited.  His detailed discussion on the relationship between Hebrews and Philo is foundational for later studies.

Logos has listed the translation of Spicq’s commentary as a “pre-pub” special. This means if you pre-order the book, it is only $39.95. But Logos does not produce the book until they have sufficient interest. Spicq’s Hebrews commentary is “almost there,” but there are not quite enough pre-orders to begin work. The book is very difficult to find and expensive to purchase even if you do find a copy for sale, so $39.95 is a reasonable price for the first English translation. Anyone working in Hebrews should invest in this book and encourage Logos to produce more original translations like this.

Logos is also working on Aquinas’ Commentary on Jeremiah and Isaiah but there are other important works I would love to see translated to English, such as Adolf Jülicher, Die gleichnisreden Jesu (Mohr Siebeck, 1888). Ideally, it would be fantastic if Logos could not only publish the electronic version of these books, but also a short-run print version (perhaps through Wipf & Stock) so traditional libraries can add them tot heir collections.

Any other suggestions for Logos as a publisher of translated works?

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