Logos “Free Book of the Month” for January 2016 – The JPS Torah Commentary: Exodus

Sarna ExodusLogos Bible Software is offering an excellent book for their “Free Book of the Month” promotion, The JPS Torah Commentary: Exodus by Nahum Sarna. Sarna served as the general edited of the series published by The Jewish Publication Society (with Chaim Potok as the literary editor). Sarna’s commentary on Genesis was published in 1989, Exodus appeared in 1991. From the introduction to the Commentary series:

In the last century, a new way of looking at the Bible developed. Research into the ancient Near East and its texts recreated for us the civilizations out of which the Bible emerged. In this century, there has been a revival of Jewish biblical scholarship; Israeli and American scholars, in particular, concentrating in the fields of archaeology, biblical history, Semitic languages, and the religion of Israel, have opened exciting new vistas into the world of the Scriptures. For the first time in history, we have at our disposal information and methodological tools that enable us to explore the biblical text in a way that could never have been done before. This new world of knowledge, as seen through the eyes of contemporary Jewish scholars and utilizing at the same time the insights of over twenty centuries of traditional Jewish exegesis, is now available for the first time to a general audience in The JPS Torah Commentary.

In addition to this free book, Logos is also offering an “almost free” book, the JPS Commentary on Jonah by Uriel Simon. The commentary is only $1.99 for a limited time. Logos also offers a contest to win the eleven volumes of the JPS TANAKH commentary series for your Logos library. That is a $399.95 retail value, so enter early and often.

Noet is the Logos Library for classics but the Noet free book this month ought to appeal to biblical studies as well: Moses Maimonides, Guide for the Perplexed.  Although this book is 900 years old, Maimonides anticipated many of the critical questions we still wrestle with today. Books purchased through Noet are added to your Logos account and available on any Logos platform (desktop or mobile device). Enter to with the fifty-seven volume Medieval Philosophy Research Library (including The Major Works of Anselm of Canterbury (4 vols.); Select Works of Moses Maimonides (5 vols.); Summa Theologica: English and Latin Bundle (30 vols.); The Desiderius Erasmus Collection (17 vols.))

The Free book promotion expires January 31 so head over to Logos and download the free book while you can!


Logos Free Book – Opening Up Genesis by Kurt Strassner

Opening GenesisLogos Bible Software posted another book in their Free Book of the Month” Promotion. Opening Up Genesis by Kurt Strassner  was originally published  by Dayone  in 2009 as an easy-to-read Bible Study for either personal devotional reading or as a small group Bible Study. Strassner is a pastor at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church and blogs at The Rest Stop.

The style of the Bible study is quite familiar, after a short commentary on a section of Genesis, Strassner asks a few guiding questions to help the reader dig deeper into the text. These would be ideal for small group discussions, the fifteen lessons make would be excellent for a weekly Bible Study. Do not think of this series as a “fluffy” Bible study, however. There is a great deal of good material in these books to enable a Bible student to get into the text of the Bible.

As a bonus, Logos has an “almost free book of the month,” Opening Up Exodus by Iain D. Campbell (pastor of Point Free Church, Free Church of Scotland on the Isle of Lewis) for only 99 cents. You can also enter a PunchTab contest to win the entire 40-book Opening Up the Bible series. Like the offer, this contest ends 12/31/2014.

Logos “Free Book of the Month” for October- Jürgen Moltmann

Crucified GodLogos Bible Software is offering an excellent book for their “Free Book of the Month” promotion.  Partnering with Fortress, Logos is giving away a copy of Jürgen Moltmann’s The Crucified God: The Cross of Christ as the Foundation and Criticism of Christian Theology. Originally published by SCM Press in 1973, Fortress Press reprinted the book in paperback in 1993. Langdon Gilkey said “This is Jürgen Moltmann’s best and therefore most important book. He has substantially changed the central thrust of his theology without sacrificing its most vital element, its passionate concern for alleviation of the world’s suffering.” This challenging 364 page book is a worthy addition to theological library.

In addition to this free book, Logos is also offering an “almost free” book, Moltmann’s Theology of Hope: On the Ground and the Implications of a Christian Eschatology.  Gilkey described this book as “a stimulating and important book, a ‘must’ for every theological student and every preacher who wishes to become acquainted with the most significant movement in contemporary continental theology.”  The book is only 99 cents for a limited time. Be sure to enter to win a 22-volume Jürgen Moltmann Collection.

Time is running out, the offer expires October 31. Head to Logos and download the free book while you can!


Win the Tyndale Ministry Collection from Logos

tyndale-ministry-collectionLogos is giving away a copy of their nine-volume  Tyndale Ministry Collection.  The book collects a number of books by Greg Laurie (Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California), but all nine books are designed to help with discipleship and church growth.

  • How to Live Forever by Greg Laurie
  • Jesus Up Close: Meet Him. . . . Like Never Before by Skip Heitzig
  • New Believer’s Guide to Effective Christian Living: First Steps for New Christians by Greg Laurie
  • New Believer’s Guide to How to Share Your Faith: First Steps for New Christians by Greg Laurie
  • New Believer’s Guide to Prayer: First Steps for New Christians by Greg Laurie
  • Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling by Mark R. McMinn
  • Revolution by George Barna
  • The Upside Down Church by Greg Laurie
  • Why Believe?: Exploring the Honest Questions of Seekers by Greg Laurie

The winner will be chosen at random on August 19th and the collection will be sent to the winner’s Logos account. If you don’t have a Logos account, you can sign up for free here and download free apps to read your books on any device here.

How to Enter. Go to Steve K. McCoy’s site and enter the contest up to 13 times.  Each prompted action you follow will earn you additional entries. You can always come back and share a link to the giveaway with your friends for additional entries.

Disclaimer: By entering this giveaway you consent to being signed up to Logos’ “Product Reviews” email list. You’ll receive emails featuring content written by me and other Christian bloggers!


Free Book from Logos – Bonhoeffer, Creation and Fall

Creation and FallLogos Bible Software has another nice selection for their “Free Book of the Month” promotion. This month they are partnering with Fortress Press to offer volume three of the Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Creation and Fall. This volume is a new translation by Douglas Stephen Bax based on the German edition edited by Renate Bethge And Ilse Tödt. The 224 pages hardback edition retails at $40, although a paperback and Kindle edition is available.

Creation and Fall was originally a series of lectures on Genesis 1-4 given by Bonhoeffer at the University of Berlin (Winter, 1932-33). The series editor John W. De Gruchy comments ” It was a winter of profound discontent in Germany; it was also a time of confusion, anxiety, and, for many, false hope, as social and political upheavals led to the demise of the Weimar Republic and the birth of the Third Reich. In the midst of these events Bonhoeffer called his students to focus their attention on the word of God as the word of truth in a time of turmoil” (1).

Logos is also offering an “almost free” book: volume seven of the Bonhoeffer collection, Fiction from Tegel Prison, translated by Nancy Lukens and edited by Clifford J. Green. Bonhoeffer spent eighteen months at the Tegel Prison before being moved to the Gestapo prison on Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse in October, 1944.  The text of this collection is drawn from Bonhoeffer’s own handwritten manuscripts of an incomplete drama and novel. This material may be unfamiliar to readers of more popular works such as Ethics or The Cost of Discipleship. The short story was not published until 1970 and the drama and novel not until 1978. Of these stories, Bonhoeffer said “There is a good deal of autobiography mixed with it.” Since these incomplete stories were written in his final years in prison, they offer an insight into Bonhoeffer’s heart in those difficult years. This book is a great value at 99 cents for the month of August.

As always, Logos is offering a chance to win the complete 16 volume collection of  Works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, valued at well over $400 in the Logos library. Actually, since the giveaway uses PunchTab, you get 24 chances at the collection. The free/almost free book deal runs through the month of August.