Free Book from Logos: Authentic Christianity, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

This month’s free book from Logos is Authentic Christianity by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the long-time pastor of Westminster Chapel in London (from 1939 to 1968).  Published by Banner of Truth in 2000 and currently distributed by Crossway in America, this volume is subtitled Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles, vol. 1: Acts 1-3.  The book consists of 22 sermons on short texts, some as little as a single verse.  The rest of Acts1-8  is covered in Courageous (Vol 2), Victorious (Vol 3), Glorious (Vol 4), Triumphant (vol 5), and Compelling (Vol 6) Christianity.    These are not commentaries — there is little interaction with the Greek nor does Lloyd-Jones engage in historical backgrounds to illuminate the text.  What you will read here is a sermon based on the text of Acts clearly presenting the Gospel.

Crossway Books currently publishes the whole series.  They pay tribute to Lloyd-Jones:

Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached on the first eight chapters of this dynamic Bible book during the peak of his ministry. Now those expository sermons are gathered together in a six-volume collection. His language is simple and clear so that the truth of the Scriptures would be available to all who desire to understand. Recognized as one of the twentieth century’s most gifted preachers, he is known for his astute analysis of man’s condition and his persuasive proclamation of the gospel as the only true solution.

The sermons in this book are good for devotional reading.  Lloyd-Jones was a preacher, and this clearly comes through each of these chapters.  For example, the conclusion to chapter 4 (Acts 2:37-40 – “Becoming a Christian”) ends with an altar call, urging the reader to give himself to the Lord whatever the cost.

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