Evangelical Quarterly 1929-2011 Now On-Line

Evangelical Quarterly Digitisation

Rob Bradshaw at BiblicalStudies.uk.org has been scanning theological journals and other resources for many years, with more than 32,000 articles available for free download. He just added Evangelical Quarterly. As Rob explains on his blog,

The Evangelical Quarterly (1929-present) represents a tremendous resource for Bible students. It contains contributions from the best of 20th Century Evangelical scholarship, including G.W. Bromiley, I. Howard Marshall and F.F. Bruce. This morning I completed the digitisation of the back-issuesa project that I have been working on for over 10 years. Paternoster Publication’s archive of this journal was destroyed in the 1990s, so a complete set of scans has been sent to the current publisher. I would like to acknowledge the assistance of a number of UK Bible College who provided copies for scanning, including Highland Theological CollegeWycliffe Hall and Tyndale House.

Just browsing the table of contents, I can see many articles which are valuable for biblical and theological studies. One thing that makes this particularly important is that Evangelical Quarterly does not appear in the ATLA database in full text PDF. I have been occasionally frustrated by finding a pertinent article in EQ then not having access through the ATLA database. This new collection solves that problem.

Most, but not all all of the articles are online in PDF format due to Paternoster’s copyright policy: after one year the copyright reverts to the author, so he must contact each of authors of the 1500+ article individually for permission. If you are copyright holder and have not given your permission, contact Rob so he can add your article to this collection.

I want to thank Rob for making this database available. If you have not used his site, certainly visit it and see what is available. Leave a donation to help keep the servers running.

Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament 1.2

jesot1The second issue of the Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament is now available at the JESOT site.  This journal is free to download in PDF format, printed copies are available through Wipf & Stock (link goes to vol 1.1, 1.2 is not yet on the website).

Articles in Issue 1.2 include:

  • “The Election and Divine Choice of Zion/Jerusalem” by DAVID B. SCHREINER
  • “Wisdom Incarnate?: Identity and Role of (“the Valiant Woman”) in Proverbs 31:10-31? by JISEONG KWON
  • “Abraham’s Tamarisk” by MATTHEW UMBARGER
  • “The Gibeonite Revenge of 2 Sam 21:1-14: Another Example of David’s Darker Side or a Shrewd Monarch?” by BRIAN NEIL PETERSON
  • “Correlation of Select Classical Sources Related to the Trojan War with Assyrian and Biblical Chronologies” by RODGER C. YOUNG and ANDREW E. STEINMANN

There are a number of book reviews, I am particularly fond of the one on Isaiah 40–55 by R. Reed Lessing.  You can still download the first journal as well.

Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology

Rob Bradshaw over at Biblical Studies.uk has posted volumes 6-10 (2002-2006) of the now defunct Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology.  This journal was associated with the Caribbean Evangelical Association.  Many of the authors are associated with Caribbean schools, such as the Jamaican Theological Seminary and the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology.  (If either school needs someone to teach a short seminar on New Testament studies in late February or March, I would entertain offers!)

Articles in this journal have an interest in church and mission issues, such as the two-part article by Clinton A. Chisholm, “Afrocentricity & Black Consciousness: Challenges for Christianity.”  Other highlights include Earlmont Williams, “The Missionary Message of First Thessalonians,” CJET  7 (2003): 22-40; and in the same issue Erica Campbell, “Ecclesiastes: Mission in a Post-Modern / Post-Christian World,” CJET 7 (2003): 41-56.

All articles are available as PDF files and are readable on a wide variety of platforms.  The articles are posted with permission from the respective copyright holders. I downloaded several articles and sent them to my Kindle account for reading with the Kindle app on my iPod (see screenshot).

Once again, thanks to Rob Bradshaw for making this material available.