Logos Free Book of the Month for September 2022 – Anchor Bible Commentary on Ruth

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The Logos is doubling up everything for their Free Book of the Month in September 2022. That means two free books and two books at every price level. For the month of September, Logos is partnering with T&T Clark and the Yale Anchor Bible series for some great deals. You can add Edward Campbell’s Ruth in the The Anchor Yale Bible Commentary series for free. This is the 1975 edition, Logos updated the publication year when Yale bought the series in 2008.

The second Free Book of the Month is Luther and Erasmus, Discourse on Free Will (Bloomsbury, 2013). “Comprising Erasmus’s The Free Will and Luther’s The Bondage of the Will, Discourse on Free Will is a landmark text in the history of Protestantism. Encapsulating the perspective on free will of two of the most important figures in the history of Christianity, it remains to this day a powerful, thought-provoking, and timely work.”

There are some great books on this list, including several volumes in the Anchor Bible Reference Library. Raymond E. Brown, The Birth of the Messiah is an excellent study of the birth narratives (and Brown’s NT Introduction is a classic). Eric M. Meyers and Mark A. Chancey, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible, Vol. 3: Alexander to Constantine is a great deal at $5.99. Dale Allison’s International Critical Commentary on James is a steal at only $9.99.  I think Fitzmyer’s Acts commentary is a good deal at $11.99, but I am not sure Dahood’s AB volume on Psalms is. Some of the early volumes in the AB series were idiosyncratic and more brief than I would like.

  • James Dunn, 1 Corinthians (T&T Clark Study Guides), $2.99
  • Markus Brockmuehl, This Jesus: Martyr, Lord, Messiah, $2.99
  • John Eaton, The Psalms: A Historical and Spiritual Commentary with an Introduction and Translation, $3.99
  • C. S. Lewis and the Church: Essays in Honour of Walter Hooper, $3.99
  • Colin Gunton, The Actuality of Atonement, $4.99
  • Ian Boxall. The Revelation of Saint John (Black’s New Testament Commentary), $4.99
  • Eric M. Meyers and Mark A. Chancey, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible, Vol. 3: Alexander to Constantine (Anchor Yale Bible Reference), $5.99
  • Christine Schams, Jewish Scribes in the Second Temple Period (JSOT Supplement), $5.99
  • Daniel Pattee and Eugene TeSelle, eds., Engaging Augustine on Romans, $6.99
  • Marijn de Kroon, The Honour of God and Human Salvation, $6.99
  • Raymond E. Brown, The Birth of the Messiah: A Commentary on the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke (Anchor Yale Bible Reference), $7.99
  • Raymond E. Brown, An Introduction to the New Testament (Anchor Yale Bible Reference), $7.99
  • Lawrence H. Schiffman, Reclaiming the Dead Sea Scrolls: Their True Meaning for Judaism and Christianity (Anchor Yale Bible Reference), $8.99
  • James H. Charlesworth, Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls, $8.99
  • Eyal Regev, The Temple in Early Christianity: Experiencing the Sacred (Anchor Yale Bible Reference), $9.99
  • Dale C. Allison, Jr., The Epistle of James (International Critical Commentary), $9.99
  • James L. Crenshaw, Joel (The Anchor Yale Bible), $10.99
  • Eve-Marie Becker, The Birth of Christian History: Memory and Time from Mark to Luke-Acts, (Anchor Yale Bible Reference), $10.99
  • Joseph A. Fitzmyer, The Acts of the Apostles (Anchor Yale Bible), $11.99
  • Mitchell Dahood, Psalms II: 51–100, $11.99
  • Pre-Order and Save: Hershel Shanks, Freeing the Dead Sea Scrolls: And Other Adventures of an Archaeology Outsider, $11.99

Logos added a few more free/cheap books on their “Another Free Book” page, so you can get FItzmyer’s Philemon and another volume of Dahood’s Psalms, and The Wisdom of Ben Sira in the Anchor Bible series. Very good add is John Meier’s A Marginal Jew, Rethinking the Historical Jesus: Volume Four, Law and Love.

This Month’s Giveaway, the venerable International Critical Commentary (65 vols.). The 65-volume set includes many older commentaries that are not very helpful (Genesis, for example), but also some of the best exegetical commentaries (the three-volume Matthew by Davies and Allison is one of my favorites). There are four ways to enter this giveaway, so enter early and often.

A little something for everyone this month. If you do the math, you can you can add on 20 more books valued at $657 for about $150 total. You do not have to buy them all, but head to the Free Book site and grab as many as you want.

Here is a mid-month updates: September Monthly Sale–Up to 92% off.Poke around, see what you can find. Great deal on the huge Jacob Neusner collection.

If you do not already own Logos Bible Software, check out the base packages, you should at least get Logos Fundamental ($49.99) or Basic (free) packages and take advantage of the free Logos Book of the Month promotion (check out my review of Logos 9). Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the free / cheap packages. All it takes is a Faithlife account, and you can read your books using the iOS or Android app, the Logos web app, or the (much more powerful) desktop version for both Windows or Mac. All the links are Logos Affiliate links, so buy a few books and help out Reading Acts.

All the deals go away on September 30, so be sure to check out all the Logos deals right away!





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