Biblical Studies Carnival 198 for August 2022

Ben the Amateur Exegete posted the Biblical Studies Carnival for August 2022. He sticks to two broad categories, Hebrew Bible/ANE/LXX and New Testament/Early Christianity to make a really nice list of links to top academic posts this month. One of the things I like about the Carnivals is the host curates the posts to their own interests, this month just happens to coincide with my personal interests so I think it is great. Ben introduces his Carnival this way: “The end of summer means that students are heading back to classes and so teachers/professors are in teaching mode.” This is true, August is a flurry of activity for me, getting syllabi prepped and remembering I have to get up in the morning now for classes.

Christopher Walken Meme


Brian Small added a brief Hebrews Highlights for August 2022. Check out Brian’s blog, he has focused on Hebrews for years and some great resources for studying Hebrews.

I still need a volunteer for September 2022 (Due October 1), November 2022 (Due December 1), and December 2022 (Due January 1).  Jim West has October. Or, if you are into long term planning, any month in 2023.

If you have thought about hosting, now is the time to step up and contact me via email, or DM on twitter (plong42) to discuss hosting a summer Biblical Studies carnival. If you are a new BiblioBlogger, this is a good way to get your blog some recognition. And, to quote Jim West, “They are fun to do!”

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about hosting a Carnival this summer (or fall). Check out the Biblical Studies Carnival Master List at the top of this page to visit past carnivals.






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