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Logos Cyber Monday

I will admit: Cyber Monday is just a made up thing for online retailers to pry a few more dollars out of your wallet. Most of the time I really do not care much for the deals. However, this year’s Logos Cyber Monday promotion has some really good deals, worthy of #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney meme.

Here is the best deal I have seen from Logos in a long time: Library of New Testament Studies (LNTS/JSNTS) (85 vols.) 90% off, $125.99 sale price. You can have a professional library’s worth of high-end academic monographs for about $1.50 a volume. Many of these volumes were originally $125 in hardback, even in the cheaper paperback they are usually around $40 each.

Although not quite as eye-popping as the LNTS sale, the Eerdmans Modern Biblical Scholarship Bundle is a great deal on 100 volumes from Eerdmans, almost ever one is an excellent commentary or monograph on the Old or New Testament. It might be pricey, but at 70% off retail you might consider it an investment. Logos also will not charge you for volumes you already own, so click through to see the “dynamic pricing.” It might be worth topping off your Eerdmans commentary collection.

Logos is also offering the 16-volume set of Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament for 78% off, only $149.99. TDOT is one of the best Hebrew Language tools you can use,

For the more theologically inclined, Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics (31 vols.) 70% off, $89.99 sale price. I also see the 188-volume Ultimate Puritan Collection on sale for $99, folks like John Owen, Richard Baxter, John Bunyan, Thomas Boston, etc. Once again, you might already own some of these resources so the actual price maybe be significantly lower. A related massive collection is the Reformed Commentary Bundle, 198 commentaries from historic writers like John Calvin, Matthew Poole, John Owen, Matthew Henry, but also top Reformed thinkers fin  the Pillar New Testament Commentary, New International Greek Testament Commentary, Mentor Commentary, etc. The bundle is only $249, about 65% off. You should strategize your purchases, but one sent then go back later to buy the second set so you get the dynamic pricing. I do not think they will charge you twice if there is overlap between the sets, but better safe than sorry.

You can also fill in a few volumes from popular commentary series:

There are dozens more books on sale with deep discounts and a few great deals on  Logos’s mobile courses (like Exegetical Study: Paul’s Letter to the Philippians  for $35). But you need to act fast since the Cyber Monday event expires at midnight (PST) November 30, 2020.

Shut Up and Take My Money

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