Black Friday 2020 at Logos Bible Software

Logos Black Friday

Logos is doing their annual “Black Friday Weekend” sale, and there are some great deals this year. You can save on new Logos 9 base packages and Logos 8 Legacy packages. Legacy packages are “without features and datasets, making it the perfect standalone collection of resources to help grow your library.” You can choose your the level that fits your budget best, the started Legacy package is only $30,but of course you can get Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, probably gold-pressed Latinum, Solari and Melange levels.

I see quite a few things on the sale page worthy of my dollars..maybe too many books! Here are a few highlights from the sale:

  • The Romans Collection (125 vols.) 80% off, $199.99 sale price
  • Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible | BTC (24 vols.) 50% off, $299.99 sale price
  • Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 46 | WBC $19.99 per volume
  • Gordon D. Fee New Testament Studies Collection (8 vols.) 70% off, $59.99 sale price
  • Wipf & Stock D.A. Carson Collection (5 vols.) 66% off, $29.99 sale price
  • The IVP New Testament Commentary Series (20 vols.) 85% off, $42.99 sale price
  • Crossway Top Authors Bundle (94 vols.) 75% off, $219.99 sale price
  • Opening Up Commentary Series (47 vols.) 66% off, $99.99 sale price
  • John Goldingay and N. T. Wright’s The Bible for Everyone Commentaries are only $2.99 per volume
  • Black’s New Testament Commentaries are only $9.99 per volume (get Dunn’s Galatians!)
  • Volumes of the Socio-Rhetorical Commentaries (Witherington, etc) are 50% – 66% off, $9.99-$19.99
  • Zondervan Counterpoint Volumes are only $9.99 each
  • All Lexham Press titles are 40% off.

These on-sale resources will work on earlier versions, but if you are using any version prior to Logos 8, then you should consider an upgrade. The new version is much faster than Logos 7 and the upgrades are worth the money. If you are happy with Logos 8, you might consider a minimal upgrade in order to take advantage of the updated datasets. 

There are many more excellent deals to be had before midnight (PST) November 29, 2020.

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