Another Free Book from Logos – Joseph A. Fitzmyer, A Christological Catechism: New Testament Answers

In addition to their regular promotion, Logos often offers “another free book of the month.” For August 2020, they are giving away a copy of Joseph A. Fitzmyer, A Christological Catechism: New Testament Answers (New and Revised Edition; Paulist, 1993). Fitzmyer is well-known for his commentaries on Luke, Romans, Acts and Philemon in the Anchor Bible commentary series as well as several early volumes on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

In this popular work, Fitzmyer asks (and answers) twenty-five questions about Jesus. The book covers a wide range of issues including the virgin birth, the infancy narratives, Jesus’ claim to be the Messiah, the historical accuracy and significance of the resurrection and ascension texts, the place of Peter and the apostles, the importance of the apocryphal gospels, and more. The answers are from the perspective of Roman Catholicism (the book has nihil obstat and imprimatur ensuring the book is “free of doctrinal or moral error”), but many of these questions and answers reflect contemporary scholarship and theology as much as church tradition.

Sticking to the Roman Catholic Christology theme, Logos has also discounted several additional resources:

Fitzmyer’s free book and these discounted resources are only available through the end of August 2020.

Want more free books for Logos? Check out the other collection of free and discounted books for August 2020. Logos is also running a “back to school” sale on base packages and other reference materials, here are my comments and recommendations.


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