Logos Free Book of the Month for August 2020 – J. Louis Martyn, History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel (Third Edition)

Logos is offering a great Free Book of the Month as well as some real gems at deep discounts. Logos is giving away J. Louis Martyn, History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel, 3rd ed. (The New Testament Library Series, 2003). Martyn is best known for his Anchor Bible commentary on Galatians and his association with the “Apocalyptic Paul.” The first (1968) and second (1979) edition of this book were influential, whether Martyn’s conclusions were accepted or not. This third edition reprints D. Moody Smith’s essay “The Contribution of J. Louis Martyn to the Understanding of the Gospel of John” from The Conversation Continues: Studies in Paul & John in Honor of J. Louis Martyn (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1990). Moody cites John Ashton’s Understanding the Fourth Gospel as presenting the work of Rudolf Bultmann and J. Louis Martyn the “two major pillars or benchmarks of Johannine scholarship in the twentieth century.”

In addition to this important monograph on John, Logos is offering the following resources for 90% or more off:

  • For $1.99, Paul J. Achtemeier, 1 Peter (Hermeneia, 1996)
  • For $3.99, Brevard Childs, The Book of Exodus (The Old Testament Library, 1974)
  • For $5.99, John Collins, Daniel (Hermeneia, 1993)
  • For $9.99, Walther Eichrodt, Theology of the Old Testament, Volumes One & Two (1961, 1967)

That is $22 for five excellent resources. If I were to put the “almost free” resources in order of importance, I would recommend Collins on Daniel first, then Achtemeier on 1 Peter. But that is just my preference, both Childs and Eichrodt are classics, and well worth the investment.

If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, Logos is running a giveaway for the 33 volume Westminster Bible Companion Series. This series is concise, yet non-technical. ideal for individual study and for Bible study classes and groups. There are four ways to enter the giveaway, may the odds be in your favor.

If you do not already own Logos, you can get the basic edition for free and read these books, or get Logos Fundementals for 50% off for a limited time. This is a collection of 53 resources for $49.95. Follow that link and you can select one additional resource for free and choose a few more for $1.99 each. Try using the code PARTNEROFFER8 at checkout.

These Logos resources are available only until the end of August 2020. Be sure to get these books while you can!


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