Logos Free Book – Ecclesiastes by Douglas B. Miller

Miller-ecclesiastesLogos Bible Software is offering a volume of the Believers Church Bible Commentary for free in August 2016. During this month you can add Ecclesiastes by Douglas B. Miller to your Logos library for free, and for $1.99 you can add Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld’s commentary on Ephesians (2002) in the same series.

According to Herald Press website, the Believers Church Bible Commentary  is a “cooperative project of Brethren in Christ Church, Brethren Church, Church of the Brethren, Mennonite Brethren Church, and Mennonite Church.”

Each volume illuminates the Scriptures; provides historical and cultural background; shares necessary theological, sociological, and ethical meanings; and, in general, makes “the rough places plain.” Critical issues are not avoided, but neither are they moved into the foreground as debates among scholars. The series aids in the interpretive process, but it does not attempt to supersede the authority of the Word and Spirit as discerned in the gathered church.

Douglas Miller is the Old Testament editor for the series and professor at Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas. He has published many articles on Ecclesiastes as well as a monograph, Symbol and Rhetoric in Ecclesiastes: The Place of hebel in Qohelet’s Work (Atlanta: SBL, 2002). Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld is Professor Emeritus at  Conrad Grebel University and wrote Killing Enmity: Violence and the New Testament (Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Academic, 2011).

Both of these books are excellent additions to your Logos library, so make sure to add them to your library before the end of the month.

As always Logos is giving away a set of 26 volumes of the Believers Church Bible Commentary,  a $432.99 value. Enter early and often.

You can also get Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude as the Verbum Free book of the Month and Merton’s The Ascent to Truth: A Study of St. John of the Cross for 99 cents. Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment is still the Noet Free book of the Month

4 thoughts on “Logos Free Book – Ecclesiastes by Douglas B. Miller

  1. I always enjoy your reviews, and reminders, for the free book of the month. I’ve noticed that Logos also has a Mobile Ed course on the book of Judges on Community Pricing. This is an 18 hour video course by Daniel Block, professor of OT at Wheaton. I’ve enjoyed other Mobile Ed courses. After each video segment, there are suggested readings tagged to your Logos Library (if you have the resource, you just click the link and it opens the book to the relevant page). There are multiple choice quizzes that are helpful for review. Some of the courses even have a Faithlife page where you can leave comments and interact with others taking the course. Bidding closes Friday, and it is currently at $80 (it will retail for over $600), but could go lower depending on how many people bid.

    • Thanks for the note, Trent. Have you done one of the mobile courses yet? I have the Romans course from Moo that I need to review some time.

  2. I did NT211, Background to the Gospels and Acts by Darrell Bock. They made it available for free, for a limited time, a few months back. It was very good. I learned a lot about Gnosticism, and it was interesting looking into some of the Jewish literature of the second temple period. I wish it had been a longer course, and gone into more detail, but I guess it was meant to be the tip of the iceberg to get people interested in learning more. In between Bock’s segments, they did short clips on how to do different things in Logos, like search the apocrypha or something. One of the great things was that I learned about resources I already own, in my library, but seldom use because I didn’t know they were there.

    I also have a course on the Johannine Literature by Ben Witherington that I bought on community pricing awhile back. I just haven’t gotten around to watching it, but I am looking forward it.

    If you join the Mobile Ed Faithlife page, they enter you in to a monthly drawing for a year’s subscription to Mobile Ed. A subscription runs $49.99 a month, for 30 hours worth of classes, and I guess the content changes each month (I don’t know if there is a way to see what the content is without subscribing). If it was a little cheaper, I would consider it, but it doesn’t fit into my budget at this time (although my youngest is almost out of diapers, so maybe down the road 🙂

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