Logos Free Book of the Month for March

bonhoeffer-for-armchair-theologiansLogos Bible Software has offered a free book each month for quite some time. Usually these were out-of-copyright classics that were widely available on the internet for free. This month, however, they are offering one of the Armchair Theologian series from Westminster John Knox Press: Bonhoeffer for Armchair Theologians by Stephen R. Haynes and Lori Brandt Hale. Haynes is no stranger to Bonhoeffer studies, having written The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon: Portraits of a Protestant Saint and The Bonhoeffer Legacy: Post-Holocaust Perspectives. He is currently Professor of Religious Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis and Theologian-in-Residence at Idlewild Presbyterian Church. Lori Hale is Associate Professor of Religion and Director of General Education at Augsburg College in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Her University of Virginia dissertation was entitled “Love Your Enemies? Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Question of the Other” and she has contributed numerous articles on Bonhoeffer.

BonhoeferThe Armchair Theologian series is intended to give a brief overview of the ideas and contributions particular theologian. WJKP has thirteen volumes in the Logos Library format, and like other Free Books of the Month Logos is running a contest to win the set. The set includes volumes on Aquinas, Calvin, Augustine, Luther, Wesley, Barth, Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther King Jr., Bonhoeffer, John Knox as well as three movements The Reformation, Heretics, Liberation Theology. (It does not appear that the latest int he series on the The Niebuhr Brothers is in the Logos format yet). These little books are quick and easy overviews that will help you understand the basics before wading into more detailed analysis.  There are a number of illustrations by Ron Hill that add to the experience of reading these books. As always, all of the features of the Logos Library are available for reading this book, including real page numbers, highlighting, and the added benefit reading on both the desktop and iOS versions of Logos.

So head on over to Logos Bible Software, get the free Logos book, and enter to win the whole collection.

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