Best Commentaries Sale for Logos Bible Software

Best Commentary Sale

Starting on September 15, Logos has a great sale on individual commentaries and bundles of commentaries. Follow that link, and you will see there are two drop-down menus so you can select an Old Testament or New Testament book you want to study. Then you have a choice of bundles: expositional, exegetical, applicational, and “best.” The bundle is five to seven books in the category. Scroll down a bit; you will see other commentaries on the chosen book. Not all the individual commentaries are on sale, but many are 30% off. Because the bundles are small, they are not extremely expensive, especially if you already own one or two in the bundle.

Don’t forget that you can get William S. Lamb, Scripture: A Guide for the Perplexed (T&T Clark, 2014) for free during September 2023. Lamb is Vice-Principal and Tutor in New Testament Studies, Westcott House, Cambridge. T&T Clark’s Guide for the Perplexed series features excellent primers on complicated topics. In this volume, Lamb discusses “the questions posed by biblical criticism to the enterprise of Christian theology and the place of scripture in the life of the contemporary church.” Logos has several recent ICC volumes on sale this month, such as C. K. Barrett on 2 Corinthians. There is a nice mix of biblical, theological, and historical studies on offer here.  So head over to the Free Book of the Month page and buy as many as you like.

The Logos September Sale has got some great deals. Maybe too many. This is a rare time when you can save 25% on BDAG, the best Greek Lexicon available. It is still pricey but well worth the money. I glanced through the list. There are quite a few expensive bundles and some individual volumes, which are great deals. Poke around the sale and see what you can find.

If you do not already own Logos, check out my first-look review of Logos 10. Starting September 15, you can save 20% off Logos 10 Silver (and up). Current users have various upgrade paths, from “Not expensive at all” to “Who needs food?” and everything in between. You can still get Logos Fundamental ($49.99) or Basic (free) packages and take advantage of the free Logos Book of the Month promotion. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the free/cheap packages. All it takes is a Faithlife account, and you can read your books using the iOS or Android app, the Logos web app, or the (much more powerful) desktop version for both Windows and Mac.

All the links are Logos Affiliate links. If you are planning on buying Logos books, use this link and out Reading Acts.

These deals go away on September 30. So shop early, and shop often.


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