Logos Free Book for February 2022 – Broadman Bible Commentary: Matthew-Mark

Logos Free Book of the Month

The Logos Free Book of the Month for February 2023 is Broadman Bible Commentary: Matthew-Mark. This is volume eight of the set first published by Broadman in 1969. The book includes general articles introducing the New Testament and commentary on Matthew (by Frank Stagg) and Mark (Henry Turlington). The commentary is from a Southern Baptist perspective, and the Genesis volume raised quite a controversy when it was first published. the “general articles” include The Religious and Cultural Background of the New Testament (T.C. Smith), The History of Early Christianity (E. Glenn Hinson), The Text and Canon of the New Testament (James A. Brooks), The Theology of the New Testament (William L. Hendricks), and Contemporary Approaches in New Testament Study (Ray Summers).

Want the free book but don’t have Logos Bible Software? Go get the inexpensive Logos Fundamental ($49.99) or Basic (free) packages (scroll down to the bottom of that page for the Basic version). Install the software on a PC or Mac, use the web version, or even use the iOS or Android app.

In addition to this free commentary, Logos is offering deep discounts on other resources from B&H (with a couple of W&S on the side).

  • Kenneth Kitchen, The Bible in Its World: The Bible and Archaeology Today, $0.99
  • Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook, $1.99
  • Linda Bellevile, Philippians: A New Covenant Commentary (New Covenant Commentary, Wipf & Stock), $2.99
  • R. W. Moberly, From Eden to Golgotha: Essays in Biblical Theology, $3.99
  • Travis Dickinson, Paul Gould, R. Keith Loftin, Stand Firm: Apologetics and the Brilliance of the Gospel, $4.99
  • Anthony Thiselton, Puzzling Passages in Paul: Forty Conundrums Calmly Considered, $5.99
  • John S. Hammett, Grant R. Osborne, Carl R. Trueman, Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement: Three Views, $6.99
  • Wayne House and Dennis Jowers, Reasons for Our Hope: An Introduction to Christian Apologetics, $7.99
  • Doug Moo, The Old Testament in the Gospel Passion Narratives, $8.99
  • Greg Beale, The Use of Daniel in Jewish Apocalyptic Literature and in the Revelation of St. John, $9.99
  • Adam McClendon Jr. and John Beck Cartwright, Approaching the New Testament: A Guide for Students, $11.99
  • Christian George, editor, The Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon, vol. II: His Earliest Outlines and Sermons between 1851 and 1854,$13.99
  • Pre-Order and Save: Eric Redmond, Exalting Jesus in Judges and Ruth (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary), $7.99

Several great books on this list. Beale’s The Use of Daniel in Jewish Apocalyptic Literature and in the Revelation of St. John is a Wipf & Stock reprint of the 1984 publication of his 190 Cambridge dissertation. Doug Moo’s The Old Testament in the Gospel Passion Narratives is a Wipf and Stock reprint of the 1983 Sheffiled publication of Moo’s St. Andrews dissertation. Although now a generation old, both are excellent and worth reading.  Anthony Thiselton is always good. Linda Bellevile on Philippians in the New Covenant series (from Wipf & Stock) should be good, I have enjoyed the commentaries in that series.

NSBT Sale at Logos

In addition to the Logos Free Book of the Month, there is also a stealthy “flash sale” on individual books in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, $19.99 through February 15. I have reviewed many of these volumes over the years, so go read my review (links below) before you choose which volumes to add to your Logos Library. The sale is on the whole series, not just the volumes I have reviewed.

Discounts on the new version of Logos Bible Software end on February 13 @ 11:59 p.m. (PST).   Here is my first look review. As expected, there are various upgrade paths for current users, from “not expensive at all” to “I need a second mortgage on the house” and everything in between. Use this link to save 15% and get some free books, or use the PARTNEROFFER10 coupon code when you check out.

I have been using the new version for a while now on a Mac with the M1 and the speed improvement is quite noticeable. You millage may vary, but even if you are an older system, the changes to the way Logos handles files and indexing will speed things up considerably.If you are an iOS user, Logos upgraded the iPad and iPhone apps with some very cool features and a modern look and feel. You can still get Logos Fundamental ($49.99) or Basic (free) packages and take advantage of the free Logos Book of the Month promotion. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the free / cheap packages. All it takes is a Faithlife account, and you can read your books using the iOS or Android app, the Logos web app, or the (much more powerful) desktop version for both Windows or Mac.

All the links are Logos Affiliate links, so buy a few books and help out Reading Acts. The deals go away on February 28, so be sure to check out all the Logos deals right away!

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