Biblical Studies Carnival 202 for December 2022

Jim West did The End of the Year Biblioblogger Extravaganza: Collecting the Best Posts of 2022 (AKA carnival #202). Think of this as a “carnival of carnivals.” Jim picks three or four top posts for each month. As most people know, Jim loves end of the year top ten lists. He also includes notices of several scholars who passed away in 2022. Jim linked to Biblical Studies Carnival #57, for November 2010 as “the best carnival ever” (although he did think it was “22 years ago”).   After posting his carnival, Jim spent the rest of the day blasting Zwingli facts out to the Zwingli-ignorant masses in honor of Zwingli’s birthday on January 1.

Biblical Studies Carnival

Here is what is happening with future carnivals? First time host Heather Thiessen will host Carnival #203 for January 2022 (Due February 1) at Matters of Interpretation. Ben the  Amateur Exegete (@amateurexegete) hosts in February 2023 (Due March 1). So now is the time for you to volunteer to host a carnival in 2023. If you have questions, contact me at and I’ll answer as bets I can. Veterans or rookies, we need people to host. Volunteer early and get your preferred month.

What’s happening with Reading Acts? This year is my fourteenth year writing at ReadingActs. The first post was on September 1, 2008, “Why Acts?” Some time in the early spring I will pass five million hits…not bad after averaging 19 a month in my first full year. In 2022, I had just under 900,000 hits, averaging just under 2500 per day. I made 135 posts in 2022, a total of 125.8K words! According to WordPress, 15% of views come on Sunday morning at 11AM, so I know what you are all doing during the sermon.

I plan on returning to Matthew in a week or two in order to finish that series, probably finishing up some time around Easter. I have a plan to do a series of posts on non-canonical Gospels in the early spring (in response to requests from several readers).


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