EyebrowsJim West says he is going to mock every “top ten list” inevitably appearing on every blog this next week. Mock this.

  1. If You Aren’t Following Phil Long on the Twitter, You Should Be
  2. I Bet Satan Loves Methodist and Episcopal Churches Though…
  3. Hey ‘Gospel Coalition’, Would You Please Drop the ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’ Language? It’s Creepy
  4. Zwingli Speaks Prophetically: Heed Him
  5. The Anniversary of Hesse’s Death
  6. Perverts Love Being Perverted, Like Dogs Lapping Up Their Vomit
  7. Why Does God Allow False Teachers Like John Hagee and Joel Osteen to Infect the Church?
  8. Luther on the Loon Sebastian Franck and His Ilk the Pentebabbleist ‘Spiritualists’
  9. The 2015 SBL Annual Meeting Carnival: All The Best Tweetings
  10. Bibliobloggers as The Easter Bunny or Biblical Scholars Finishing Up Their Christmas Shopping