Logos Twelve Days of Christmas Sale

Logos Christmas Sale

Christmas is a time of gift giving, and who better deserves a gift that yourself? Especially an expensive gift? This year, Faithflife makes it easy to splurge on resources for the Logos Bible Software with deals on 12 products for 12 days up to 73% off.  I don’t know why 73%, but that is the perfect number (according to Sheldon Cooper).

Lots to choose from this year, including:

  • Logos 9 Master Library Expansion, XL – 73.2% off, $1,499.99 sale price
  • Lexham Press 2022 Collection (54 vols.) – 40% off, $599.99 sale price
  • B&H Academic Biblical and Theological Studies Collection (162 vols.) – 70% off, $756.89 sale price
  • New Testament Technical Commentary Collection (53 vols.) – 65% off, $629.99 sale price
  • Bible Speaks Today: Commentaries and Themes (76 vols.) – 60% off, $331.19 sale price
  • Crossway Studies in Biblical, Doctrinal, and Systematic Theology (76 vols.) – 65% off, $482.99 sale price
  • Reformed New Testament Expository and Homiletical Commentaries (71 vols.) – 60% off, $399.99 sale price
  • Pillar New Testament Commentary | PNTC (15 vols.) – 52.7% off, $199.99 sale price
  • Zondervan Academic Research Library (52 vols.) – 63.6% off, $349.99 sale price
  • Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament | PAI (18 vols.) – 50.1% off, $268.99 sale price
  • The Oxford Handbooks Religion Collection (26 vols.) – 65.7% off, $599.99 sale price
  • Lexham Press Church Fathers Bundle (11 vols.) – 40% off, $104.99 sale price

Remember that Logos uses “dynamic pricing” to reduce these packages for books you already own. Click on the item’s picture to get to the Logos page and see your actual cost. There is a little check box to hide owned resources so you can see what will be new to you in any given collection.

If you don’t want to spend money, Logos is giving away video resources for their Free Book of the Month promotion in December 2022. Until the end of the month, The Gospels as the Story of Jesus (Lexham Press, 2021) video series to your Logos library.This video series features Lynn H. Cohick and covers 13 topics in short videos totally an hour and half. The Gospels as the Story of Jesus provides background material that will be useful to students as the take short courses on the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the book of Acts. It provides a brief overview of Gentile and Jewish sources affirming the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth. Like most Logos Mobile Education videos, this resource includes transcripts and an objective exam will consist of multiple-choice and true or false questions.You can also get Mobile Ed: LD211 Church Leadership and Strategy: For the Care of Souls (1 hour course) for $9.99, or choose one Course for $49.99 at Checkout with Coupon Code COURSE49 and another for $99.99 at Checkout with Coupon Code COURSE99.This is a good chance to try out a Logos Mobile Course.

Save on Zondervan books

The Publisher’s Spotlight is on Zondervan this month, so prepare your credit card to save on collections and commentaries from Z! With collections from biblical languages to church history, commentaries, and more, there’s something for every level of biblical scholar and Logos user. Here’s just a few of our featured titles to choose from:

  • 40% off—NIV Application Commentary: Old and New Testaments ( 44 vols.)
  • 40% off—Zondervan Biblical, Historical, and Systematic Theology Collection (41 vols.)
  • 40% off—Zondervan Biblical Studies Collection (40 vols.)
  • 40% off—Zondervan Biblical Languages Collection (46 vols.)

On October 10 Logos released their new version, Logos 10. Here is my first look review. As expected, there are various upgrade paths for current users, from “not expensive at all” to “I need a second mortgage on the house” and everything in between. I have been using the new version for a while now on a Mac with the M1 and the speed improvement is quite noticeable. You millage may vary, but even if you are an older system, the changes to the way Logos handles files and indexing will speed things up considerably.If you are an iOS user, Logos upgraded the iPad and iPhone apps with some very cool features and a modern look and feel.

You can still get Logos Fundamental ($49.99) or Basic (free) packages and take advantage of the free Logos Book of the Month promotion. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the free / cheap packages. All it takes is a Faithlife account, and you can read your books using the iOS or Android app, the Logos web app, or the (much more powerful) desktop version for both Windows or Mac.

All the links are Logos Affiliate links, so buy a few books and help out Reading Acts. The deals go away on December 31, so be sure to check out all the Logos deals right away!




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