Logos Free Book of the Month for May 2021 – N. T. Wright

N. T. Wright, Storied WorldLogos Bible Software is offering a free Logos Mobile Education course for the month of May, N. T. Wright’s The Storied World of the Bible. This courses retails for $179.99, and contains about six hours of video featuring Wright. From the blurb:

Often, people wonder how the various stories, poems, prophetic texts, Gospels, and letters all fit together. And, indeed, they do fit together in ways needing to be understood by readers of the Bible. This course will unpack some of the questions surrounding the meaning of the Bible to bring a coherent sense of what is being communicated by the biblical writers. The Bible then, truly, becomes a Grand Story of God’s faithfulness.

If you want more (and we all do), you can add Wright’s 15 Essential Biblical Texts for $9.99 (five hours of video), and all three parts of Paul and His Letter to the Romans ($24.99, $34.99, and $19.99 each, or $79.97 for all three about 18 hours of video). All courses include video and transcriptions of the video, plus various extras associated with taking a class (assignments and tests). At hte very least get the free course to get a feel for what a Logos Mobile Course is like.

More Free (and discounted) books

Logos usually does “Another Free Book” promotion each month focused on Catholic resources for their Verbum collection. For the month of May, you can add Christian Philosophy in the Early Church by Anthony Meredith for free. From the blurb:

The first followers of Jesus were not drawn from the intellectual and social elite of their day, but rather from artisans, tax collectors, and the more disreputable members of society. Yet out of such seemingly insignificant beginnings, a seed was planted by his teaching, his cross, and his resurrection which was destined to spread its shade over the entire known world. What had begun as an essentially Jewish movement founded on the preaching of the Messiah became, with amazing speed, a religion that was accepted by pagans, Goths, Franks, and more. This book traces the growth of the church and the development of Christian philosophy through the first centuries.

You can also add the following related resources at deep discounts:

  • Francis Aveling, The God of Philosophy (B. Herder; Sands & Co., 1906), $1.99
  • Patrick Madrid, Scripture and Tradition in the Church (Freedom Publishing Company, 2014), $5.99
  • Stephen J. Pope, ed., The Ethics of Aquinas (Georgetown University Press, 2002), $7.99
  • Roland Meynet, A New Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels (Convivium Press; Gregorian University Press, 2010), $9.99

Still don’t own Logos Bible Software?

Logos Bible Software 15% off Sale

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