More Free Books for Logos Bible Software in November 2020

Levering Brazos Ezra NehemiahLogos just added another free book for November, Matthew Levering’s Brazos Commentary on Ezra and Nehemiah. This series is a good example of theological interpretation of Scripture.

Don’t miss these special discounts on additional books by Levering and Scott Hahn:

  • Scott Hahn’s The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire: A Theological Commentary on 1–2 Chronicles, $1.99
  • Levering’s Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation: The Mediation of the Gospel through Church and Scripture, $7.99
  • Encountering the Living God in Scripture: Theological and Philosophical Principles for Interpretation, $9.99

Logos partners with Baker Academic this month for their Free Book of the Month promotion in November. Add William Hendricksen’s commentary on Romans for free to your Logos Library. Originally published in 1981 in two volumes, this commentary reflects a classic Reformed view of Romans and years of preparation. Hendricksen was Professor of New Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary from 1942 to 1952. After Hendricksen died in 1982 Simon Kistemaker (Reformed Theological Seminary) finished the series. 

Logos is offering several other commentaries from Baker at deep discounts. The Understanding the Bible Commentary was formerly the New International Biblical Commentary, published by Hendricksen. When Baker acquired the series they renamed it and updated the covers, but as far as I know the content is identical. Although they are brief commentaries, I have always found them quite helpful.

The Teach the Text Commentary Series  attempts to bridge the gap between exegetical and devotional commentaries “by utilizing the best of biblical scholarship and providing the information a pastor needs to communicate the text effectively.” Here is a video trailer for the series from Baker Academic.

  • Donald Hagner, Hebrews (Understanding the Bible Commentary), $1.99
  • Robert Chisholm, 1 & 2 Samuel (Teach the Text Commentary Series), $2.99
  • Craig C. Broyles, Psalms (Understanding the Bible Commentary), $3.99
  • William Hendricksen, John (Hendriksen & Kistemaker New Testament Commentary), $5.99
  • Edward Curtis, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs (Teach the Text Commentary Series), $7.99
  • Simon J. Kistemaker, James and the Epistles of John (Hendriksen & Kistemaker New Testament Commentary), $9.99

As with all Logos books, these commentaries fully utilize  the features of Logos Bible Software, including fully searchable text, links to other resources in your library, and robust note taking tools.

I did a “First Look and Review” of the newest version of Logos Bible Software. Logos 9 was released in late October and is worth a look. Do want to invest any money in Logos yet? Version 8 is still available in a basic free edition. Download the basic edition and add the free books. You can always upgrade later. Don’t forget, you can purchase the Collector’s Edition of Logos 9 or a pretty nice car.

These Logos resources are available only until the end of November 2020. Be sure to load up on these resources while you can!


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