Biblical Studies Carnival for May 2015

carnival1Dr. Claude Mariottini posted the May 2015 edition of the Biblical Studies Carnival. He has a nice collection of the best biblioblogs for this month.  Dr. Mariottini also made this observation: “I discovered that many people who write academic blogs have stopped writing or have posted very infrequently to their blogs. I have to confess that I could include myself in this last category of bloggers. Some bloggers who are prolific in posting to their blogs, post items that are only indirectly related to biblical studies. These bloggers may post items of interest to some people, but these posts do not provide an in-depth study of the biblical text.”

I agree: some of the best bloggers have either  stopped writing altogether or they are only occasionally posting. But there are always new blogs and new grad students who post frequently. If you look down the Top50 list, there are a few blogs still hanging around that are dormant, while the new writers have not generated the numbers it takes to break into the Top50 list. So if you are a new blogger, keep at it! Post quality material people want to read and that will generate interest for a long time. Probably hosting a Carnival will help too.

I did not see Jim West’s anti-carnival this month, but he did post this gem in anticipation of the SBL Poster session.   Brian Small posted a round-up of blog posts on the book of Hebrews at his Hebrews blog, Polumeros kai Polutropos. And by round-up, I mean the one quality post on Hebrews he found over the last two months.  I have been using FlipBoard to collect interesting blogs, so if you are using this great App on your mobile devices, check out my Biblical Studies Magazine. The link goes to the Web Version, it is cooler on my iPad.

This is the schedule for upcoming carnival for the rest of 2015 and beyond.

If are are willing to cover an upcoming Carnival, let me know and I will add you to the schedule. Carnivals are a great way for you to highlight some of the best and brightest who do work hard to provide quality posts on biblical and theological topics. Contact me via email ( or leave a comment below and I will get you set up with a future carnival.


4 thoughts on “Biblical Studies Carnival for May 2015

  1. I could probably do a carnival in August or Sept this year, but prefer the younger applicants if you get them. Oct through Jan I am very busy with holidays etc – if all goes according to current plans. (How can one be busy with holidays?)

  2. Phil,

    I am sure there are many new bloggers who have not been included in the complete list of bibliobloggers. What we need is a way of inviting these new bloggers to identify themselves and letting us know more about their work.

    As a person who is interested in the Old Testament, it is difficult for me to follow blogs dealing with the New Testament and theology. The only way we can follow what these bloggers are writing is by having their blogs listed on the list of bibliobloggers. They can also submit one or two posts to the person hosting the Carnival.

    Thank you for inviting me to host the Carnival.

    Claude Mariottini

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