Free Larry Hurtado Commentary for Logos Bible Software

Hurtado, MarkLogos Bible Software is giving away a copy of Larry Hurtado’s commentary on Mark in Understanding the Bible series from Baker.  This series used to be published by Hendricksen as The New International Biblical Commentary Series.  When it moved to Baker Academic there was a name change and redesigned covers, but I believe the content is the same.  The series is a good “pastor’s commentary,” light comments on the English and Greek text. It is a very useful commentary for anyone who wants more depth than the average study Bible.  Visit the Logos Blog and get the code for the free book.

On the same page Logos offers a $20 gift code if you fill out a survey and fill out a FaithLife Study Bible Profile. The survey is long, but you can start and re-start it if you need to. (I tried to finish it today, but it stops after several questions; perhaps they will fix that soon!)

There are a number of discount codes from Logos the Blog as well, including D. A. Carson’s Pillar Commentary on Matthew (40% off).

3 thoughts on “Free Larry Hurtado Commentary for Logos Bible Software

  1. Excellent from LH … sounds the same here with this book from the 80’s as he does now. Quick, direct and to the point, which is also what I like about your posts, Phil. I met Larry in 1975 when I was a new Christian. After a meeting in Madison he took time to talk to me, answer my questions about Jesus, and told me to read a thick George Ladd book, which got me started reading books beyond the devotional. I will always be grateful.

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