Logos Bible Software – Thirty Classic Studies on the Parables for $30

Matthew 13Here is a great “community price” deal from Logos, thirty “classic” books on Parables (and miracles, a few on the Sermon on the Mount), currently priced at $30.  My experience is that these things usually do go for the suggested price, making the cost a dollar a book.  A few of these might be overpriced at $1, but the volume by H. B. Swete is good (a series of lectures at University of Cambridge in 1908).  I would like to at least read Siegfried Goebel (1883, T&T Clark, 480 pages).   The two books by William Arnot are both substantial volumespublished in 1893.  A. C. Gaebelein is an early dispensationalist and the book is really a booklet / pamphlet.  At the very least he represents a form of dispensationalism that is all but dead almost 100 years later. I do not recognize many of the names, for $1 a book I will at least look them over.

All thirty are out of print and (likely) all available through Google books, but the Logos format is worth paying for (searching, indexing, etc.)  My guess is that a few are egregious allegorizors, A. B. Bruce for example “builds on the foundation of Trench.”  But I bought the set for Swete and Goebel alone, and I enjoy comparing approaches on Parables – these thirty are not in my library and I will enjoy reading them in the Logos format.

When Logos gets enough “bidders” they will produce the books, there is no charge until they ship the books via  download.  Check out the list of books, and bid what you want.

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