The Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology (SBET) on the Web

SEBTRob Bradshaw at announced today that the Scottish Evangelical Theological Society has agreed to his site to host  the on-line archive of the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology (SBET).

It looks like the first 8 volumes are posted (1983-1990), each article is a separate PDF file. Rob says that “A new volume will be uploaded each week until volume 20 is reached.”

Of interest to biblical studies are articles by Derek Kidner in the first volume ” “Retribution and punishment in the Old Testament, in the light of the New Testament,” and Geoffrey W. Grogan and “The New Testament and the Messianism of the book of Isaiah” in 3.2 (1985).   Robert P. Gordon, “Simplicity of the highest cunning: narrative art in the Old Testament,”  in 6.2 (1988) looks intriguing too.  There are many articles which will appeal to Theology students as well.

Why is this important?  These articles are not available as full-text in the ATLA database.  Unless your library is blessed with physical copies of this journal, your only opportunity to read these articles is  Rob Bradshaw is to be commended for his work in bringing these important articles to the internet.

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