Logos Free Book of the Month for July

Logos Bible Software is offering a free book each month in 2012.  For July, you can download  Selected Sermons of George Whitefield  for free.  This Logos resource contains 59 sermons on a variety of topics, The book can be read with either Logos Bible Software, Vyrso, or Bilbia.com, either on your desktop computer or using the Logos App for iPad or the Android. Follow the link to download the book and enter the drawing for the 13-volume Works of George Whitefield.

George Whitefield (1712-1770) was an Anglican priest and one of the founders of Methodism.  He was a talented preacher and  influential evangelist during the Great Awakening. While he is associated with Methodism, his theology is Calvinist.  This collection of sermons covers several biblical passages, but also a few topics which are not as well-developed in contemporary preaching.  I cannot recall the last time a I heard a sermon on “The Heinous Sin of Profane Cursing and Swearing.”  His sermon on “The Benefits of an Early Piety” is quite good.

This book has been floating around the internet since Al Gore invented it.  If you would like to sample the sermons in HTML, visit the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.  The book is free for Logos / Vyrso users,  download a copy of  Selected Sermons of George Whitefield  and enter the drawing for the Works of George Whitefield.

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