Logos Free Book of the Month for May

Logos Bible Software is offering a free book each month in 2012.  For May, you can download Arthur Pink, The Godhood of God for free. The book can be read with either Logos Bible Software, Vyrso, or Bilbia.com, either on your desktop computer or using the Logos App for iPad or the Android. Follow the link to download the book and enter the drawing for the 40 volume Complete Works of A. W. Pink.

Pink is well-known as a Calvinist pastor and expositor of Scripture. Iain Murray said that “the widespread circulation of his writings after his death made him one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century.”  While this influence may have faded a bit in recent years, just about every pastor I know form a generation ago had numerous books by Pink on their shelves.

This little book is a celebration of the majesty of the sovereign God.  Concerning salvation, Pink writes:  “‎Salvation is God’s sovereign work. “God does not save a man because he is a sinner, for if so He must save all men, for all are sinners. Nor because he comes to Christ, for `no man can come except the Father draw him;’ nor because he repents, for `God gives repentance unto life;’ nor because he believes,’ for no one can believe `except it were given him from above;’ nor yet because he holds out faithful to the end, for `we are kept by the power of God.’”

Despite the age of the book, I find it quite readable.  This free book would make for excellent devotional reading.

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  1. Indeed A.W. Pink was a man of God’s providence, his life and writings. Though certainly not always in balance theologically. He was a English type of the Strict and Particular Baptists, a kind of modern Puritan also. But he strangely did not read much of Augustine, or the Church Fathers? A real Reformed Baptist! 😉

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