Zondervan Titles for Logos

Logos Bible Software announced today they are adding 63 new titles published by Zondervan to the Logos Library.  This includes two volumes of the new Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series, Ephesians by Clint Arnold and Galatians by Thomas Schriener.   Several commonly used textbooks are in this collection including Karen Jobe’s Letters to the Church (Hebrews-Jude), Kosetnberger’s Theology of John’s Gospel, and Marvin Pate’s Writings of John and the Apocalypse. The NIV Application Commentary for the Old Testament is part of this new set of titles, Logos has offered the New Testament series for some time.

I am using Jobes’ Letters to the Church for a class at the moment and three of my students are using the Kindle version.  A major frustration for me is how a student cites a Kindle book since there are no page numbers.  If the book were read in the Logos format, this is not a problem since Logos includes proper page numbers and footnotes.  Perhaps a more difficult problem for Logos to overcome is cost.  The “list price” for Letters to the Church is $44.99, Amazon will sell it for $29.24 new, or $17.99 on Kindle. I am not sure what the Logos final price will be for the book, but it will be hard to beat the Kindle price, even with the generous Logos student discounts.

You can pre-order all 63 for $899.95, which is not quite a 50% discount. There are several smaller bundles available for pre-order at a significant discount.  Some of the collections are odd (McKnight’s Gospel of King Jesus and the Blue Parakeet are in a biblical studies bunlde with Pate and Jobes, although I would not considered these particular McKnight titles “biblical studies.” Kosetenberger  ended up in the Theology Bundle with Michael Horton and Wayne Grudem, probably because the title had “theology” in it.

The addition of a significant number of Zondervan titles is good news for Logos and for those who use an iPad or Andriod tablet for reading.

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