The NIV 2010 Bible for Logos iPad – Finally!

After a long wait, the Logos iPad app has finally added the NIV Bible.  Until today, this was one of the major resources restricted on the iPad App.  This update includes the newest iteration of the New International Version, the NIV 2010.  The NIV 2010 on the iPad includes cross-references as notes and parallel pericopes where applicable.  This is extremely handy in the Gospels, but I notice a few in the Pauline letters as well. I must admit that the long wait has made me more of an ESV fan, but it is good to have a old familiar translation available on the iPad.

If you have an iPad or Android, you should definitely check out the free Logos App.    Books purchased from Logos or Vyrso will appear in your library whether you are using the desktop version of Logos or the iPad / Android version.