BibleWorks 9 on Windows 8 Tablet PC (Preview)

Jim Barr from BibleWorks sent me a link to a video demo of BibleWorks 9 running on a Windows 8 Tablet PC (Samsung Series 7 Slate).  The demo of BibleWorks does not really start until 2:30 into the video, but do not miss the joke at 2:20.

Windows Tablets have more surface than the iPad, so the work-space will look much more like your desktop.  When I use Logos on the iPad, it is a completely different program, with stripped down features.  BibleWorks appears to be the same basic program on the tablet, since it is still running under Windows.   I particularly like the manuscript viewer in the corner, a feature not found in other Bible programs. Hopefully I will be able to write a full review of the program in the future.

Win a Free Copy of BibleWorks 9

Jim Barr from BibleWorks sent me an email point out that their big contest:  In celebration of their 20th anniversary as a company, BibleWorks is giving away two full copies of their software.

The format of the contest is interesting:  you must submit a twenty word reason why you need to win the software.  “Winners will be selected based on humor, wit, and verve,” which might exclude a few pastors, it is well worth the effort to win this rather generous prize.

BibleWorks 9 has some excellent tools for working with Greek Manuscripts, including a Greek Manuscript tool which allows the user not simply to see the evidence for a variant, but to examine the actual manuscript.  Several key manuscripts are available, including Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus, Bezae, and Washingtonianus.  You can see the Manuscript tool in the picture to the left.

You can enter on their Facebook page as well,  but all entries must be in by June 15.  Good luck!