BibleWorks 9 on Windows 8 Tablet PC (Preview)

Jim Barr from BibleWorks sent me a link to a video demo of BibleWorks 9 running on a Windows 8 Tablet PC (Samsung Series 7 Slate).  The demo of BibleWorks does not really start until 2:30 into the video, but do not miss the joke at 2:20.

Windows Tablets have more surface than the iPad, so the work-space will look much more like your desktop.  When I use Logos on the iPad, it is a completely different program, with stripped down features.  BibleWorks appears to be the same basic program on the tablet, since it is still running under Windows.   I particularly like the manuscript viewer in the corner, a feature not found in other Bible programs. Hopefully I will be able to write a full review of the program in the future.

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