Black Friday Deals for Logos Bible Software

It is that time of the year again, when businesses try to pry open your wallet by calling it a “Black Friday Sale.” To be honest, I am not tempted at all to wade into the chaos that is a Black Friday sale at Walmart to get a new TV or cheap laptop. But a Black Friday sale on books, now you have my interest. When Logos Bible Software says “Commentaries for $7.99,” now you have my attention! Here are a few commentaries whic caught my eye (and ended up in my shopping cart):

  • Walter Brueggemann, Genesis in the Interpretation series
  • James, Dunn, The Acts of the Apostles (Eerdmans, my review here)
  • G. K. Beale, Revelation: A Shorter Commentary (Eerdmans, my review here)
  • Craig Keener, The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament, 2nd ed.

Various volumes of the following series are available as well:

  • The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary
  • Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching
  • Understanding the Bible Commentary
  • Preach the Text
  • Old Testament Library (WJKP)
  • New Covenant Commentary (Cascade)
  • College Press NIV Commentary
  • Reformed Expository Commentary

There are many more than this on the sale page, so check them out. This $7.99 commentary sale expires Monday, November 23. Logos plans on a fourth week of deals, so maybe it is time to open a new credit card. DOn’t even think about what Dave Ramsey would say.

Don’t forget Logos just released a new version of their software. These on-sale resources will work on earlier versions, but i9f you are using any version prior to Logos 8, then you should consider an upgrade. The new version is much faster than Logos 7 and the upgrades are worth the money. If you are happy with Logos 8, you might consider a minimal upgrade in order to take advantage of the updated datasets. Since this is a new release, Logos is offering upgrade discounts, click the links and pick an upgrade path that fits your budget. If you are a first time Logos customer, there are some free books and other perks for you.


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