Save 50% on Library Expansion Packs from Logos Bible Software

Logos Expansion Packs Sale

For a limited time you can save up to 50% on Logos Expansions and Feature Expansions. These are additional books and resources which are included in some base packages, but not all base packages. They are sorted by topic and size of the expansion.

For example, you can upgrade Ancient Texts and Translations in a small (13 vol.), medium (26 vol.), large (50 vol.) or extra-large (110 vol) bundle. If you own some of the books in an Expansion pack, the Logos website will not include those in your price. So scan through the expansion packs on the Logos sale page, click on the icon and see what your price is. Because I owned many of the resources in the Ancient Texts already, the price for upgrading was very attractive. There were two or three books I really wanted which were more expensive than the dynamic price on the bundle. As they say, this is a deal that is hard (for me) to refuse. Time to use a little of that stimulus money to load up on Logos resources.

Here is a list of the Library and Feature expansion categories.

Library Expansions

  • Ancient Texts and Translations
  • Apologetics
  • Bible Backgrounds
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Church Fathers
  • Church History
  • Classics
  • Gospel Studies
  • Greek Studies
  • Hebrew Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • Lexham Press
  • Literature
  • New Testament Studies
  • Old Testament Studies
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Pauline Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Preaching and Sermons
  • Theology
  • Master Collection (the kitchen sink bundle, the X-Large is 1375 vols.!)

Feature Expansions

  • Ancient Literature Collection
  • Biblical Theology Collection
  • Cultural Concepts Collection
  • Factbook Collection
  • Grammars Collection
  • Parallel Passages Collection
  • Sermon Editor Collection
  • Sermon Finder Collection
  • Systematic Theologies Collection
  • Textual Variants Collection
  • Timeline Collection
  • Confessional Documents Collection
  • Logos Feature Expansion Master Collection (collect them all, 1,631 resources!)

This is one of those limited time deals from Logos, so visit the sale page and stock up on great resources for your Logos Library.

Kregel Sale Logos Bible Software

There is also still time to save on Kregel and Kregel Academic books.  Here are a few of the academic highlights with links to my reviews:

The Kregel Exegetical Commentary series are 50% off:

Volumes of the Kregel Exegetical Handbooks are 50% to 66% off ($9.99 each):

There are several other Kregel Academic books I have reviewed on sale:

There are many, many more books in this sale, such as John Philips Exploring series (all volumes are $9.99 each). There are dozens of theology and practical theology books on sale as well.  So go to the sale page, browse the titles and fill that shopping cart up.

You need to have Logos Bible Software to use these resources.  As always, there are less expensive paths to upgrading that will keep you from mortgaging your home. At the very least, download the free Logos Basic or the $79 Logos 8 Fundamentals. Use the coupon code PARTNEROFFER8 to save 30% on base packages. You can also read these books via the free iOS app.

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