More Free Books from Eerdmans for Logos Bible Software for May 2020

Kugler and Hartin, Introduction to the BibleLogos Bible Software posted a few more free and nearly free books the month of May.  First, authors Robert Kugler and Patrick Hartin,  An Introduction to the Bible (Eerdmans, 2009) is free. Dale Allison said  this introduction to the Bible is “comprehensive, thoroughly informed, and lavishly illustrated volume, produced by the collaboration of two experts — one Protestant, one Catholic — achieves that to which it aspires: it is clarity itself. This is the perfect introduction for undergraduates.”

In addition to An Introduction to the Bible,  these titles from Eerdmans are available at a deep discount:

Jerome Neyrey, The Gospel of John in Cultural and Rhetorical Perspective ($2.99). Neyrey reads John through the lens of ancient rhetoric and cultural anthropology. This is the method developed in the volume of essays he edited, The Social World of Luke – Acts: Models for Interpretation (1991).

Judith Kovacs, 1 Corinthians: Interpreted by Early Christian Commentators ($5.99). The The Church’s Bible is a commentary series baed on Early Christian Medieval Commentators. Kovacs draws commentary from Augustine, Irenaeus, Gregory of Nyssa, Athanasius, Origen, John Chrysostom, and others.

Alan Fitzgerald, editor,  Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia. The hardback version of this 900+ page encyclopedia on Augustine retails for $100, but it is only $9.99 in the logos Library for this month.

As a reminder, the regular Free Book of the Month page still has Shalom Paul’s commentary on Isaiah 40–66 in the Eerdmans Critical Commentary for free.

Thomas B. Dozeman’s Exodus commentary in the same Eerdmans Critical Commentary ($5.99).

Michael Floyd’s Minor Prophets, Part 2 in the Forms of the Old Testament Literature Series for $2.99)

Antony Campbell’s volume on 1 Samuel in this series ($8.99). You can pick up the entire Forms of Old Testament Literature series for Logos as well.

You need to have Logos Bible Software to use these resources.  As always, there are less expensive paths to upgrading that will keep you from mortgaging your home. At the very least, download the free Logos Basic or the $79 Logos 8 Fundamentals. Use the coupon code PARTNEROFFER8 to save 30% on base packages. You can also read these books via the free iOS app.

These valuable resources are only free (or almost free) through May 31, 2020.

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