Biblical Studies Carnival 165 for October 2019


BiblioBloggers trick-or-treating

Gary Greenberg posted the October 2019 Biblical Studies Carnival at Bible, Myth and History. Gary has been blogging for some time but this is his first Carnival. He has a book publishing soon from Peter Lang, The Case for a Proto-Gospel: Recovering the Common Written Source Behind Mark and John. Gary did a great job curating a list of solid academic posts.

In other blogging news, James McGrath posted Revelation around the Blogosphere.

I have been the curator of the Biblical Studies Carnival since August of 2012.  Over the last seven years many bloggers have moved on to other things (ie., real life). A few biblical studies blogs are now silent or post rarely. Mark Goodacre has posted a few times in 2019 (after an entirely silent 2018), but noting in September. Dr. Jim’s thinking Shop and Near Emmaeus has been taken over by spammers.

Yet there is still some life out there in the Biblioblog world. The next two hosts are are new to the Biblical Studies Carnival, and the January Carnival will be hosted by the Grand Poobah of BiblioBlogging, Jim West.

Here are the upcoming hosts for the rest of 2019:

  • November 2019 (Due December 1) – Derek DeMars, at Theology Pathfinder
  • December 2019 (Due January 1) –  Alex Finkelson at Scribes of the Kingdom
  • January 2020 (Due February 1) – Veteran carnival host Jim West (he tweets like a president, follow @drjewest)

I would love to start filling in a few hosts for 2020, so contact me at to volunteer to host a carnival. They are fun to do, and will draw attention to your blog.

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