Book Giveaway – Mark Strauss, Jesus Behaving Badly

Jesus Behaving BadlyI happen to have an extra copy of Mark L. Strauss, Jesus Behaving Badly (IVP 2015), so I thought I would pass it along to a Reading Acts reader. I reviewed the book in November, concluding that it is a readable introduction to some of the issues one faces when they begin to read the Gospels seriously. Strauss writes the book on a non-academic level with a great deal of humor as well as plenty of pop-culture references. Although academic, it is written with a pastor’s heart.

The book includes a few study questions which could be used as discussion starters for a small group Bible study. In fact, I think this book would make an excellent read for a small Bible Study group interested in going a bit deeper into who Jesus was than the typical curriculum normally goes. The book might make a good auxiliary textbook for a Gospels college course, supplementing a more thorough textbook. Strauss challenges his readers to think more deeply about who Jesus is by stripping away some of the pre-conceptions about Jesus passed along by tradition and the Church. The result is clearer view of who Jesus was and more importantly, why Jesus still matters to his disciples today.

To have a chance at winning these books, leave a comment suggesting other titles in a biblical “behaving badly” series IVP ought to consider. Or at the very least, just leave your name.

Do not forget to enter to win a copy of Logos Cloud Premium from Logos and Reading Acts. Logos is running that giveaway until January 17, 2016.

I will announce the winner of Jesus Behaving Badly on January 15, 2016.

27 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – Mark Strauss, Jesus Behaving Badly

  1. I’m leaving my name because I’m not familiar with other books in the series. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Hahah, my last name is Martin, too. Hopefully one of us will get lucky.

  2. The David book has actually been written: Men Behaving Badly by John Goldingay. But the natural sequel is, of course, Paul Behaving Badly.

    • It was also written by my old prof Baruch Halpern: David’s Secret Demons (2001), but I was throwing it out more within the current Christian context. Didn’t know about the Goldingay book though.

  3. They could publish Phillip Behaving Badly–baptizing false converts like Simon (without proper pre-baptismal classes), baptizing in private as he did the Ethiopian eunuch (without any proper followup), and finding himself online as he blogs about Acts and wonders why he has to play third fiddle to main characters Peter and Paul.

    Great! I see I’m only the third person to follow instructions and leave my name: Dwight Gingrich. 😉

  4. Judas the Betrayer acting badly. Just a suggestion. Alistair McNaughton

  5. Greetings again Phil,Here is my submission for the draw on the copy of “Jesus Behaving Badly” Here are a few suggestions:1) Churches Behaving Badly.. eg Corinth,…. 2) Disciples Behaving badly..brothers wanting seats in the kingdom…3) Demons behaving Rightly …. as in according to nature. (Pastor) Gord Abraham90 King St,Port Colborne OntarioCanadaL3K 4E9905-641-8601 (cell) Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 19:09:34 +0000 To:

  6. Didimas Thomas Behaving Badly. This poor guy got lots of bad press as “not having faith”, when the story is not meant to express that at all

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