Last Call for Biblical Studies Carnival Links for November 2015

Jim West Blogging

Jim West Blogging

The November BiblioBlog Carnival will be hosted by Jim West at Zwinglius Redivivus. Jim was busy at SBL/AAR snapping pics and taking names. Jim is not the kind of person to let a scrapbook opportunity pass him by!

So if you are recovered from your tryptophan stupor (or football hangover), send a few links Jim’s way, he might just appreciate it. You can direct message him on twitter, @drjewest or leave a comment on his blog.

I have the next three carnivals lined up: December 2015 (Due Jan 1) will be hosted by Jennifer Guo (@jenniferguo); January 2016 (Due Feb 1) is Tim Bulkeley at Sansblogue; February 2016 (Due March 1) is Jacob Prahlow (@prahlowjacob) and Pursuing Veritas. I need a volunteer for March (Due April 1) and April (due May 1) host, Brian Renshaw will host in May (due June 1). After June, the rest of year is still open if you want to reserve a month. Contact me via twitter direct message (@plong42) or email (plong42 @