Reblog: “It’s Not Our Job to Make Anyone Believe”

This was written by one of my students. He has some good thoughts, interacting with Michael Bird and some things I said a few days ago here. Go read it, let him know what you think!


This week for my Acts class, we had to comment on a post about the city of Corinth being referred to as “Sin City”, and it brought to mind some rather significant things about the culture we live in. I feel like, too often, Christians look around at the culture they live in, and see no hope for the salvation of our nation. Or, we look at everyone around us, and make unrealistically quick judgements about how “sinful” that person’s life must be. The city of Corinth is often related to our culture, because it is assumed that is was an “un-ordinarily” (I’m not entirely sure if that’s actually a word) sinful city. The relations is that it is also assumed that our culture is the same level of sinful.

I have heard Corinth spoken with the illustration of “Sin City” so many times, I had never even questioned it…

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