Podcast: The Unique Need For Youth Ministry

I have been traveling quite a bit this summer and have finally made it back to my office. I have an early fall class starting next week, but I do plan on continuing the Second Temple period literature series through August.

While I was speaking at West Coast Grace Youth Camp, I participated in a discussion for a podcast hosted by Collin Brown. He runs a site called Shirt Off Your Back (podcasts, videos, and t-shirts, except they do not actually sell t-shirts yet). Collin asked me to sit down with Mike McFadden, a youth leader and current director of the camp, for a discussion on youth ministry and Bible camps in general.

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I thought I was more or less unqualified to express opinions on these topics, but as it turns out ignorance is want makes for a good podcast. Feel free to invite me to opine on your podcast on whatever topic.

The discussion ranged from the origins of youth ministry to current strategies for reaching millennial both now and in the future. For the most part this was stimulating for me, and hopefully to anyone who happens to listen to the podcast. I think we avoided the “get off my lawn” type discussions I hear when the topic of youth ministry is raised. Listen closely for a shout out to Mark Carroll.

So please give a listen, if you are the type that listens to podcasts. Or maybe you just miss the sound of my voice…

It is available directly from Shirt Off Your Back, or on SoundCloud and YouTube. There was no video for this meeting, which is good news; I have been told I have a face made for radio.