Frederick Dale Bruner – The Gospel of John: A Commentary

I posted a few days ago on the upcoming Keener commentary on Acts.  I notice that Eerdmans is releasing Frederick Dale Bruner’s The Gospel of John: A Commentary on February 28.  At 1311 pages, it is another a mammoth work ($75, hardcover).  Von Wahlde’s John commentary in the Eerdmans Exegetical Commentary series is a bit short of 1000 pages, but he has a separate book for introductory material.

Bruner wrote two volumes on Matthew which were fairly well-received.  He balances critical and exegetical comments with “history of interpretation” in a way which is quite readable.  Assuming the format is similar to the Matthew commentary, Bruner consults early church and Reformation reformation writers in smaller print after his exegetical comments.   These are often juxtaposed with modern commentaries so that the past and the present are in constant dialogue.

I look forward to this new commentary on John, although my shelf for John commentaries is already quite well-stocked.  Since I have been preaching through John on Sunday Evenings I am always on the prowl for a new book on John.  After a visit to The Bookstore (Eerdmans’ excellent shop here in Grand Rapids), I will post a review.