Biblical Studies Carnival #211 for October 2023

Marie Kondo Biblical Studies Carnival #211

Jim West hosted a minimalistic Biblical Studies Carnival #211, celebrating the (a few) biblical and theological studies posts in October 2023. If Jim wants to convert to Marie Kondo’s lifestyle, he needs to read what she said about books. For those afraid to click that WSJ link, she says you should own no more than 30 books. I have more than that in my “to be read” pile. Jim also reposted his November 2022 Carnival, so you can go back and see what a Marie Kondo offending carnival looks like. It is positively cluttered with links to excellent posts.

In other news, I discovered Jim West has a Wikipedia page (there are an impressive number of references on his page). Someone needs to do a Wiki for me.

If you are a blogger who would like to spark some joy by hosting a carnival, contact me, and we can discuss what hosting a Carnival looks like. Here is Biblical Studies Carnival #210 if you want to see another example.




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