Biblical Studies Carnival 205 for March 2023

The ever-mysterious N. T. Wrong rises from the ashes to host the April 2023 Carnival. Like Laura Palmer, he/she predicted seven years ago he/she would return, although the ABBA-themed carnival was a surprise. [I really do not know if N. T. Wrong is a Dancing Queen or a Fernando, hence the pronouns.] Knowing Me Knowing You, it is possible you will get all the ABBA-themed puns in this post.

This is also the first post on the long-dormant Biblioblog Top 50 site rather than the original N. T. Wrong page. The Top 50 site had its Waterloo more than five years ago and many of us wondered what happened to the site owner. That raises questions that no one is asking nor should those questions be answered. Who knows? Maybe Amazing Lookalike (@mazinglookalike) will return now. But When All is Said and Done, Mamma Mia!, the carnival is fantastic! So take a chance, take a chance on N. T. Wrong, and read his carnival (and click all the links).



The biggest biblio-blogging news this month: PaleoJudaica marked twenty years of blogging on March 24. James Davilla says he has made 21,669 posts over the years. As far as I know, this is the oldest continuous biblical studies blog. Jim West has been around a long time (he live-tweeted the Exodus). Claude Mariottini is an old-time bliblioblogger who is still very active and Mark Goodacre still posts every once in a while. Brian Small still does his Hebrews Highlights every month. Even Reading Acts has been around for nearly 15 years. Bloggers come and go, but Jim Davilla jas posted daily important news and posts of interest for ancient Judaism and the biblical world. If you do not regularly read PaleoJudaica daily you are missing out.

The April carnival will be right here at Reading Acts, then Jim West will host the May carnival. Now is the time to volunteer to host a carnival in 2023. Seriously, don’t make me beg (and I will if that is something you want).

If you have questions about the Biblical Studies Carnival, contact me at I’ll answer as best I can.



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