Biblical Studies Carnival 191 for January 2022

Jim West took a break from his record-breaking Wordle streak to post the January 2022 Biblical Studies Carnival at Zwinglius Redivivus. This is Carnival #191, and Jim says this was “the first Carnival I’ve run that has included so many links from so many different people.” And Jim has hosted many carnivals over the years, his first was in 2006. This is a good thing to hear: people are still posting quality biblical and theological studies despite the “death of the blog” I hear so much about.

Head over to Jim’s blog and click all the links.Biblical Studies Carnival

Here are the upcoming Biblical Studies Carnival Hosts with their twitter feeds so you can spam them with links to your own blog the moth they are hosting.

  • 192 February 2023 (Due March 1) – Bobby Howell, The Library Musings  @SirRobertHowell
  • 193 March 2022 (Due April 1) – Amateur Exegete,  @amateurexegete
  • 194 April 2022 (Due May 1) – Brent Niedergall,  @BrentNiedergall
  • 195 May 2022 (Due June 1) – Bob MacDonald at Dust  @drmacdonald

I have openings for the second half of the year, so if you want to volunteer, now is the time to step up. Contact me via email plong42 or twitter, @plong42.

What is a Biblical Studies Carnival? In the early days of blogging, people would collect blog posts on a particular topic and call it a carnival. I have no idea why a carnival (as opposed to a yard sale, a circus, or a monthly index… it’s an internet thing). There were psychology carnivals, sociology carnivals, etc. In March 2005, Joel Ng posted the first Biblical Studies Carnival at his now defunct blog, Ebla Logs. But nothing is really dead on the internet. You can still read that first carnival on The Wayback Machine. Prior to 2012, Jim Linville kept the list of Biblical Studies Carnivals. When Jim retired from this role in August 2012, I volunteered to be the “keeper of the carnival list.” This means I try to draft (harass) people into volunteering to host the Biblical Studies Carnival and update a master list of Carnivals (in the banner, or click here).

Blogging has come and gone, and maybe come back again. Some bloggers moved into podcasting or producing YouTube videos. Maybe even TikTok, whatever that is. Others remembered they had a real life before blogging. S Nevertheless, some blogs persisted. For new bloggers, getting involved by hosting a Biblical Studies Carnival is a great way to generate interest in your blog.







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