Biblical Studies Carnival 176 for October 2020

Bad DogJim West posted The Pandemic Super Stupendous Biblical Studies Carnival: October Edition – Now With More Puppies. Weird, disturbing puppies. In fact, I am not sure Jim knows what a puppy is. As expected, it is a great set of links to posts in October 2020, plus an appropriate amount of snark. Head over to the Carnival and leave Jim a kind note of thanks.

Our host for the November 2020 carnival is Bobby Howell at The Library Musings. Look for that Carnival on December 1, but feel free to send him your suggestions.

Once again I am desperately seeking for December 2020 (Due January 1) and any month in 2021. Please contact me via email, or DM on twitter (plong42) to discuss hosting a carnival. I would love to see some veteran bloggers step up, but at this point I cannot really be too picky. If you are a new BiblioBlogger, this is a good way to get your blog’s name “out there” (wherever that is).

Check out the Biblical Studies Carnival Master list at the top of this page to visit past carnivals (or gloat over dead blogs).

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