What is the Mark of the Beast? – Revelation 13:16-18

The second beast causes all people to be marked on their right hand or forehead. If they do not have the mark of the beast they cannot buy or sell. One of the most tantalizing aspects in the New Testament is the meaning of the mark of the beast. John tells us it is the name of the beast, but it is converted into numbers: 666. John then invites the readers to use wisdom to calculate the number of the beast, inadvertently beginning 2000 years of speculation of what the number 666 means.

Two Beasts medieval apocalypse

I will start by disappointing some readers: The number of the beast does not refer to any American politician. It does not calculate to Obama or Trump, nor does it refer to the mega-wealthy pulling the strings of the government (Soros, Gates, Bezos, etc.) It does not refer to a Visa card implanted in your head or a chip secretly hidden away in the new flu vaccine. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite modern interpretation of the Mark of the Beast. In fact, 666 is not an “unlucky number.” It is not the devil’s number and there is nothing to fear. One famous Christian owned hobby store will give you a penny discount if your total comes to $6.66. I will admit there was a house near where i grew up that had the street number 666; we called it “the devil’s house,” but that was (mostly) a joke. Readers of Revelation need to check their modern conspiracy theories and focus on what John intended to communicate by the mark of the beast and the number 666. Here is an older post with more on the number.

Like everything else in Revelation, any attempt to understand what the mark of the beast is (or is not) must start with the Old Testament background. In Ezekiel 9 the Lord instructs a man clothed in linen to “pass through the city, through Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in it.”  Those who do not receive this mark are slaughtered. The mark is the letter tav, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Moshe Greenberg points out similarities to the mark on the doorpost in Egypt at Passover (Exod 12:23) or the mark on Aaron’s head the forehead (Exod 28:38; Greenberg, Ezekiel 1-20; AB, 177).  It is also possible this marking is a parody of the Jewish practice of binding scripture on the hand or forehead during prayer (phylacteries).

The beast is not the only character in Revelation marking his followers. In the very next paragraph after the beast marks his followers his name, the Lord marks the 144,000 with the name of the Lamb and his Father on their foreheads (Revelation 14:1). Later in the book, the servants of the Lamb in the New Jerusalem have his name on their foreheads (22:4). The Great Whore has a name tattooed on her head (Mystery Babylon), just as Christ bears a name no one knows but he himself (19:12). The words “King of kings and Lord of Lords” are written on his robe and thigh of the rider in 19:16 (Aune, 2:734).

What is the Mark of the Beast? People were marked in the ancient world for any number of things. For example, runaway slaves or captured soldiers might be branded or tattooed with a mark indicating their status.  Third Maccabees 2:27-29 describes steps taken against Alexandrian Jews, including being branded with an ivy leaf, a symbol of the worship of Dionysus. (See also these posts on Apostasy in Third Maccabees and The Incident with the Elephants.)

Third Maccabees 2:27-29  He proposed to inflict public disgrace on the Jewish community, and he set up a stone on the tower in the courtyard with this inscription: 28 “None of those who do not sacrifice shall enter their sanctuaries, and all Jews shall be subjected to a registration involving poll tax and to the status of slaves. Those who object to this are to be taken by force and put to death; 29 those who are registered are also to be branded on their bodies by fire with the ivy-leaf symbol of Dionysus, and they shall also be reduced to their former limited status.”

The noun translated mark (χάραγμα) refers to something that is engraved stamped or etched, such as an inscription or a coin (BDAG). Acts 17:29 uses the word for an idol, “formed by the art of men.” But it is also used for written letters or an endorsement on a document, like an official signature or stamp (BrillDAG). As a modern analogy, this is similar to an officially embossed notary stamp. So the physical mark could be a brand or tattoo, or an official endorsement of some kind.

Because the mark permits buying and selling, many commentators on Revelation see the mark as limiting participation in economic life to those who have completed their obligations of emperor worship. Greg Beale, for example, states “The mark is clearly figurative of the ways in which the state keeps check on whether people submit to compulsory idol worship” (Revelation, 715).

Regardless of the background, the mark represents the final act of loyalty to the beast. By marking themselves, the people are accepting the Beast as their lord and savior and rejecting God. Those that refuse the mark are making their declaration for God and against the system of the Beast. And like the examples of Daniel and his friends, those who refuse the mark must be willing to die on account of this refusal to acknowledge the power and authority of the beast and his kingdom.

The mystery of this passage is in verse 17-18. The mark of the beast is the name of the beast, or the number of his name, 666. There are no numbers in many ancient languages, so letters sometimes substituted as numbers.  A=1, B=2, etc. For example, there is a famous graffiti in Pompeii that reads “I love her whose number is 545.”  Jewish Gematria found all sorts of meanings of words scripture by converting words to numbers and back again.

John invites the reader to figure this out, knowing that the name adds up to 666, who might this be? In the early church there were several suggested names, including a Greek word meaning “to deny,” meaning that the name of the Beast was denial of the Lord. The full Latin title used on coins of Domitian, the emperor at the time of John, allegedly adds up to 666. But the most common suggestion is the number 666 refers to Nero Caesar, but in the Hebrew spelling of the name.

It may be best to conclude that John and his readers knew the clue that unlocked the mystery of the number and who it referred to, and that we are unable to figure it out with any certainty today.

Whatever the mark is, it represents a final declaration of loyalty. At this point in the plot of Revelation, one is either for God or against him.

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    • Funny story: I first moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan in the early 1980s, started my undergraduate degree in 1982. Zonvervan had a kind of factory outline store at that time, remainders and defective books (I had an NIV with the misprint Galations, leather bound NT for $5).

      They had a huge stack of a book promoting the UPC code as the Mark of the Beast (with hilariously bad cover art). Must have been a thousand copies stacked up by the checkout in a tower, $1 a copy. I doubt they sold many, the tower was there for a long long time. Nowadays people just put up a blog to promote crazy ideas.

      • I’m 10 minutes north of Big Rapids. You have my email whenever I post, correct? I would be interested to get together with you sometime, as I don’t know anyone personally that has the same level of interest or knowledge about many of these topics about extra-biblicial writings and other historical topics related to early Christianity and Israel. I’m in Grand Rapids frequently, as I know several brothers in the Lord down there and my business supply is from there. So, send me an email if you are interested in meeting sometime.

    • Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. We know that mans number is six We know that there will be a one world Government. Here’s my study. there will be a man over the world economy, Government, and relegion. Since man’s number is six that will make the mark of the beast six, six, six since they will all be controlled by satan.

  1. I personally believe there’s three beast that the Bible speaks of I think the three are ; money, power, religion . I think the mark of the beast is currency Bible says all will take its mark, or you can’t buy sell or trade . I believe is that everyone who has received money which we all know has the face of the many presidents which means power and the all seeing eye and the inscriptions in god we trust that’s on the back of the 1.00 bill so everyone who has uptained money through buying selling or trading has take the mark of the beast . No where dose it say you will be killed for not taking the mark what it means is that if you do not receive money , which for many means power then you will be great suffering because you will not be able to eat , drink , shelter , some won’t get medical treatment , many will die from exposer , starvation , poor health . One of the beast which has seven heads coming out of the sea is the power and Kingdom of religious leaders and church’s that gain money , power , and dictatorship over those who seek refuge. The anti christ are those who are denying gods love and truth they are many not one the many anti christ will rise up which will be the power of some churches , political leaders, cults, idols these are those who have denying god but walk around claiming to be a god through there power and there authorities over other people setting up in the temple of god meaning us the body of Christ and walking around action like they are god through self righteousness, domination, dictatorship , control, deception, greed, etc these people do not claim to be Jesus or Christ infant they reject god and Jesus all together they are there own god . The anti christ and the false prophet and the devil who deceived the entire world is not one person or one man that’s impossible to do it’s is the deception of those who falsely accuse believers of believing a life or false teaching it is those who teach cult driven belief through the name of Christ with the intent to deceive and falsely lead others into a trap of lies and destruction, the devil is the mind and the power in which these false prophets use to deceive and fear gods people into believing that god has not saved them but condemned them to hell or to a place of torment for all eternity, the anti christ is those who reject Christ and his love and the devil is the deceiver of all mankind because the devil is the mind the thoughts , the fears , emotions, the doubt , the deception of gods truth so the Bible said they and all liars would be casted into the lake of fire which the second death , the lake of fire is not a literal lake or fire it’s is metaphor for meaning all that is of the flesh and earth will burn all that is of sin and defilement will burn including , all that is of lies , false teachings and all abominations will burn , those things will be burnt and new things will be replaced in the spirit which the spirit of truth , love , salvation , redemption and internal life , for no one can enter the kingdoms of heaven except through Christ so we know that the Bible says wages of sin is death not hell and internal life is through Christ our lord and the Bible says we are saved by god mercy and grace alone for all fall short of his grace and no man is worthy of his kingdom but because he has given us grace through his love and mercy we are saved , Christ paid the price on the cross so all may be save he did not come to condemn the earth but to save it .

  2. What’s marking the world now is

  3. That doesn’t make sense…you can’t stop there…you must continue at least to Revelation 20.

  4. If u do not get the vaccine u will not be able to buy food go to your local market travel in the air . Your restrictions will limit your travel completely . That my friend is the mark of the beast !!!!

  5. Right now they are not requiring the vaccine, but I believe that they will use it in the future that you have to receive it. I think about the mark people believing it is a micro chip. Just haven’t figured it all out. I am sure that the visions that they received about what was to come were very confusing. I can’t imagine seeing what they were seeing during those times. With the technology we have now I am sure they could not comprehend it completely. I sometimes wonder if the “mark” isn’t a bit more simple…our cell phones or at least an app on them. This is something that everyone already has and it is “in most cases” in the right hand. As far as the forehead I’m thinking face recognition, this is something they use now even to open your cell phone so it could easily be used to buy and sell. Not saying it is true, just a thought.

  6. The book of revelation is written to the church. It’s a spiritual mark, symbolic, The forehead representing the mind, the thoughts and the right hand the will, the works. Just as those the mark of God is a spiritua seal, not a literal physical mark. Who is our hearts and minds set on? who do we serve? We are told to write Gods’ laws on our hearts, and symbolically we write them with our hand. Same with the mark of the beast. God’s seal of the Holy Spirit is number 7. Falling short and idolizing man and the world’s system is # 6. Buying and selling is talking about in the church, here is a call for wisdom, the book of proverbs. 23;23 buying and selling the truth, being redeemed/purchased by Christ. But in the apostate church, it will be false buying and selling, making merchandise of men. Real Christians won’t take the mark which is the character of the harlot church. True followers of Jesus will be shut out of the church for speaking truth for saying “Repent! Be Sanctified! Deliverance” The apostate church will hate them & call them judgemental. Rev 13:17 is the ONLY verse that talks about buying and selling and the mark, right? The bible says every matter needs to be established by the witness of 2 or 3, yet people are living in fear over this one verse.
    Lets say its a physical mark, and times are really bad. People are scared and start coming to the Lord. A young woman, single w 4 kids just gave her life to Jesus and is scared. The mark comes out and she is told “take the Mark or you cant buy food, clothes, medicine for your kids. Take it and renounce Jesus and Worship the beast” She is scared for her family, her faith is weak and she gives in out of fear. Do you really think God is going to test her faith to make an eternal decision out of fear and survival?? Make her choose over food and her children? NO God is merciful. She is already sealed with the Holy Spirit and can still love God in spirit. They cant change that? This is the problem trying to literalize The Book of Revelations its strange and scary, its suppose to give us hope so we are not afraid

    They would have to get us to totally deny, forsake, reject & renounce Jesus in our hearts and worship the beast. They can’t! Once you truly love Christ and sealed with His spirit there is no turning away, no one can snatch you from Gods Hand. People will say what about Matt 10:33 “whoever denies Jesus before men, I will deny before the father” which means to reject him and not care in rebellion. Peter denied Jesus 3 times out of fear and went on to do great things for the Kingdom.
    This is why it’s a symbolic mark, we have already been vaccinated, chipped, tracked, numbered, spied on the internet, they control our money, have our DNA, infiltrated the churches….. We are already in the world’s system, we cant really do much outside it unless you want to live in the wild. Our spirits are already sealed if we are truly in Christ and doing the Fathers will. Be blessed in Jesus Name

  7. The Gates Foundation financed the development of a quantum dot tattoo vaccine delivery system, which was completed and announced by MIT and Rice University in December 2019 (and is still visible on Rice’s website). It consists of a patch which is pushed against the back of the hand. On the patch are micro needles which deliver the nano gene therapy treatment (the mRNA “vaccine”) and an invisible ink, called Luciferase, which stays on the surface of the skin and, when exposed to a certain phone app, “lights up” providing information on vaccine status as well as other info which can bs encoded, such as bank account info. The ink only lasts for a number of months, requiring a booster. Should it get to the point you need the jab to operate in society, with today’s technology this is how you could police it.

    I think this fits the MOTB bill as good as anything, what do you think?

  8. I believe it will be connected to Big Pharma. Rev. 18:23. Read it in Greek. The word “sorcery” is Pharmakeia. Modern pharmaceuticals were born out of Rockefeller “medicine”. They are occultists and also aggressively destroyed naturopathic medicine over the years. Their symbol is the caduceus (two snakes on the pole), which is not the symbol of medicine. It’s the magic wand of Hermes. He is the god of tricksters, thieves, merchants, and alchemy, the Roman god Mercury, the messenger and some others, but not the god of medicine. Asclepius was the god of medicine with one snake on the pole, like Moses’ serpent. Most of their drugs are hocus pocus and not based on real health. God gave us an immune system and if we eat Babylon food (read Daniel 1 and how he rejected the kings delicacies), we will suffer the plagues. We get back to real food, homesteading, learn how to process our own food, kitchen skills, gardening, etc to stay healthy. We come out of Babylonian healthcare system. I like the book Nourishing Traditions but there are many others in similar vein. God bless.

  9. Hi Philip, I am surprised you don’t offer the consensus view on 666, ‘Neron Caesar’ which also explains the Oxyrhynchus variant 616 when you spell the name the alternative way as ‘Nero Caesar’.

  10. Hi Philip, I am surprised you don’t mention the broad consensus view, that 666 is the gematria/isopsephism value of both ‘beast’ and ‘Neron Caesar’ when the Greek words are written in Hebrew letters. This also explains the Oxyrhynchus textual variant, since ‘of the beast’ and ‘Nero Caesar’ add up to 616. Is there any reason for this omission?

  11. Quite the imagination. COMPLETLY WRONG and actually funny. IN your forehead! What you stated is something an atheist or a false prophet who purposely utters Blasphemes at the Bible and the Prophets of Jesus Christ.

  12. It would seem that 666 is well understood to mean the mark of the beast (as in Satan).
    Ever heard of the Bible scriptures that talk about Satan being the ruler of this world and how the world is in the hands or power of the wicked one?
    I think at the end of the day the ones with the mark on them are gonna be the people who love this world, work towards supporting the system and can’t wait to get back to their beloved “normal” as it’s what they live and breathe.
    It would seemingly fit also with the modern narrative of science and vaccines being (in their view) the ONLY way back to normality.
    They’re even trying to impose vaccines onto people who have already had COVID 19 and got well.

    Or in other words, people who are accepting science over God and even over common sense (a sense that isn’t too common nowadays).

    God has previously told mankind both in the old testament and new testament about abstaining from blood and that killing people (both born and unborn) is bad. The scientific community is obsessed with using morally forbidden practices such as using blood for everything from transfusing into others to harvesting stem cells to making and testing vaccines on aborted feteus lines from actual dead babies from the past.
    Oh! And don’t forget the almost complete acceptance and promotion of “evolution” as taught by the scientific community which is predominantly made up of atheists and lax religious people who let them get away with their preferred narrative.

    Not looking for an argument as I don’t know how every Biblical thing is going to play out or when, but the information is out there and worth considering in its entirety.
    After all, the Revelation scripture does call for the reader to use discernment.
    Discernment isn’t a purely academic process but has a gut instinct component also to consider.

  13. The noun translated mark (χάραγμα) refers to something that is engraved, stamped, etched. A puncture in your arm via needle may satisfy that. Mark on your hand is your works but it could also reference the needle in your arm since arm and hand may be the same word. This vaccine changes your genetic makeup, during the days of Noah the fallen changed the genetic makeup of man, animal, and even insects (Book of Monsters and Genesis). Noah was chosen for his love of the Father and because he was “pure in his generations”, don’t change your DNA. The bow that conquers in Revelations is a thin cloth, like the masks that people wear. Viruses are .5 microns to 5 microns in size, the only mask that filters this is a N95 that’s fitted for your face. If it’s not N95 and it’s not fitted to your face then you are wearing a lie. After Adam and Eve believed the serpent over the Father they covered themselves with clothes hiding the image of the Creator, just as people hide their face with the mask. I’m just trying to figure things out to save my soul and my wife and kids souls. If I’m wrong about any of this or you have any other clues I would like to know.

  14. Yes you are completely wrong about this. Looked at in the context of history, Covid and the vaccine are relatively unimportant (compared to eg the Black Death which killed perhaps one third of Europe).

    The Book of Revelation is not some predictive blueprint for our times; to think so is both to ignore its context and presume that our own age is the most important in all of history. The vaccine does not ‘change your genetic makeup’ either.

    To save your soul you simply need to trust in God, that Jesus has died and risen for you. To seek to ‘do’ anything else means you are trying to earn your own salvation.

    Do read my commentary on The Book of Revelation published by IVP in the Tyndale series for more information.

    • Thanks Ian…I speaking in Southern California this week and have encountered this “vaccine is the mark” thing several times in the last few days. I tried to tell them when I was a kid it was the UPC code, so eventually some other technology will come a long for paranoid people to claim is the mark.

  15. Yes it does change your makeup, I’ve looked into it extensively. Your body will no longer be in the image of God. To think we are not at the end is ridiculous, the evil happening now is worse than the evil in the days of Noah. I said nothing about the virus because the virus is extremely weak, it’s all about the vaccine. The Bible is ‘God breathed’, revelations and Ezra 2 are blueprints, to say they are not is to say God’s word is wrong. You said completely wrong but you didn’t speak to the other things I spoke of. If I am completely wrong show me so completely. When people thought it was the UPC code that didn’t account for a ‘mark’ in your hand or arm, this does. To save your soul trusting that Jesus died for you is not enough. You need to trust in Jesus, Repent, and not receive the mark.

  16. I am sorry Mark: my wife is a qualified doctor, and she is clear that what you say is nonsense. We have been using vaccine technology for decades, and it has been a great blessing in ridding the world of smallpox and other terrible diseases. This has nothing at all to do with ‘the image of God’ in you, which is not about biology.

    It is difficult to take your accusation about ‘God’s word’ seriously, when you cannot even get the title of a biblical book right. It is the Book of Revelation (singular), not ‘revelations’. The first sentence starts Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ, ‘The revelation of Jesus Christ…’. John’s testimony teaches us about Jesus, not about distant future vaccines.

    If you think this is the worst time in history, please do some research. Try the Justinian plague, or the black death, or read about Genghis Khan, or the Spanish flu.

    Please seek the truth. Don’t take refuge in poorly researched conspiracy theories; they will not save you.

  17. The Black Plague symptoms are consistent with mercury toxicity: fever, chills, weakness, tremors, discoloration of fingertips and toes, bleeding gums, swollen lymph nodes. People were more likely burning coal to cook and heat their homes and breathing mercury vapors, which are highly toxic. But it was blamed perhaps on a bacteria. Scurvy was blamed on a germ until they learned about vitamin C deficiencies. Smallpox was reduced with better hygiene, cleaner water, and improved nutrition. The Spanish Flu was first recognized at Ft. Riley, Kansas at the same time as experimental vaccines were given to soldiers. Some passed out and died on the spot, while others got sick later. Also, war-time conditions, stress, poverty, malnutrition, and nerve gases used in the war (WW 1) probably also contributed to ill health. They called it the Spanish Flu for no good reason and had nothing to do with Spain whatsoever. Toxins in the environment are generally ignored as a cause of disease. Today, 14-19 million workers are employed by small-scale gold mining operations and around 30% suffer from chronic mercury vapors. Coal miners also experience symptoms of mercury toxicity. Millions of people have toxicity due to mercury amalgam tooth fillings and it causes many ill effects like kidney disease and auto-immune disorders and has been linked to autism. The Pharma industry makes a killing blaming viruses while superstitious people believe everything they say because they have authority and naively go along. Natural remedies for these ills might be things like supplemental selenium, which helps block mercury absorption. Removing amalgams in severe cases. Eating bone broth to provide glycine which is needed for glutathione production, our most powerful anti-oxidant, these kinds of things.

  18. “The book of revelation is written to the church.”

    That is silliness with no basis. None of the Bible was written exclusively for the church. That is very anti-biblical logic.

    “It’s a spiritual mark, symbolic, The forehead representing the mind, the thoughts and the right hand the will, the works.”

    Where do you find a basis for this other than your opinion?

    “Just as those the mark of God is a spiritua seal, not a literal physical mark. Who is our hearts and minds set on? who do we serve? We are told to write Gods’ laws on our hearts, and symbolically we write them with our hand. Same with the mark of the beast. God’s seal of the Holy Spirit is number 7. Falling short and idolizing man and the world’s system is # 6. Buying and selling is talking about in the church, here is a call for wisdom, the book of proverbs. 23;23 buying and selling the truth, being redeemed/purchased by Christ. But in the apostate church, it will be false buying and selling, making merchandise of men. Real Christians won’t take the mark which is the character of the harlot church. True followers of Jesus will be shut out of the church for speaking truth for saying “Repent! Be Sanctified! Deliverance” The apostate church will hate them & call them judgemental. Rev 13:17 is the ONLY verse that talks about buying and selling and the mark, right? The bible says every matter needs to be established by the witness of 2 or 3, yet people are living in fear over this one verse.”

    You use a lot of words, but they ultimately fail to provide any kind of logical grounding for your conclusion. The Bible NEVER implied that the words of God would be subjected to 2-3 witnesses. That’s absurd. It states that in matters of men when determining if someone has commited a crime, you must have witnesses. To say “God didnt say it enough times so that rule doesn’t count” discounts half of scripture.
    What a damming judgement to make.

    “Lets say its a physical mark, and times are really bad. People are scared and start coming to the Lord. A young woman, single w 4 kids just gave her life to Jesus and is scared. The mark comes out and she is told “take the Mark or you cant buy food, clothes, medicine for your kids. Take it and renounce Jesus and Worship the beast” She is scared for her family, her faith is weak and she gives in out of fear. Do you really think God is going to test her faith to make an eternal decision out of fear and survival?? Make her choose over food and her children? NO God is merciful. She is already sealed with the Holy Spirit and can still love God in spirit. They cant change that? This is the problem trying to literalize The Book of Revelations its strange and scary, its suppose to give us hope so we are not afraid”

    This sounds an awful lot like an argument that “God doesn’t expect that we would be willing to SUFFER for Him!”
    Where oh where do you come up with such a conclusion? Even with your nonsense arguement of things needing to be repeated to count, that is something that is many times made clear. He died for us. We will suffer in his name. He never promised to protect us from an uncomfortable earthly life or death, he promised that greater things were yet to come to those who remain steadfast.

    “They would have to get us to totally deny, forsake, reject & renounce Jesus in our hearts and worship the beast. They can’t! Once you truly love Christ and sealed with His spirit there is no turning away, no one can snatch you from Gods Hand. People will say what about Matt 10:33 “whoever denies Jesus before men, I will deny before the father” which means to reject him and not care in rebellion. Peter denied Jesus 3 times out of fear and went on to do great things for the Kingdom.
    This is why it’s a symbolic mark, we have already been vaccinated, chipped, tracked, numbered, spied on the internet, they control our money, have our DNA, infiltrated the churches….. We are already in the world’s system, we cant really do much outside it unless you want to live in the wild. Our spirits are already sealed if we are truly in Christ and doing the Fathers will. Be blessed in Jesus Name”

    Peter suffered severely for his denial. He was forgiven to be sure, but you are very wrong in assuming you can do anything, and as long as you love God- everything will be OK.
    Adam and Eve surely died. There was no symbolism in God telling them the outcome of their decisions.
    Those who bear the mark, when the words are CLEARLY spelled out and known, will suffer a similar fate. To simply state that everything is simply symbolism is both arrogant and without grounding.

    • You were not addressing me, but you said “’The book of revelation is written to the church.’ That is silliness with no basis. None of the Bible was written exclusively for the church. That is very anti-biblical logic.”

      To be fair, Revelation 1:4 says “John to the seven churches that are in Asia” and chapters 2-3 are clearly addressed to those seven real churches.

  19. I just recently was told the letters C O V I D…Add up to 66…and the word covid itself has 6 letters….666…

  20. It is an interesting social phenomenon that when this subject comes up, apparently rational people completely take leave of their senses…

  21. If your using previous vaccines as an example of todays mRNA you and your wife don’t know what your talking about. This is totally different and you can’t use apples to oranges. You then speak about the use of a word which doesn’t matter. The things that matter are ideas. Are you going to correct grammar as another example why I’m wrong. The reason you thing things where worse in the past is because you don’t know what’s happening in the world. I would have loved some examples as to why I’m actually wrong and not, “Your completely wrong” but I’m not going to address the things you said.

    • The “mark of the beast” is the name of a person, presented as numbers (not uncommon in the Greco-Roman world). It stands in parallel with God marking his own with his name (Rev 14:1-2). As I (tried) to make clear in the original post, the MotB is the final declaration of loytalty to the kingdom of man. In the first century, that was Roman Imperial worship. If you want to think about that in terms of a future scenario, the “mark” may be some sort of loyalty oath to a human government which claims worship in place of God.

      The Mark of the beast is not medicine.

      You can be anti-vax if you want to (and accept all the risks of refusing to protect yourself from easy-to-prevent diseases), but please do not try to connect that political position the Bible or to the mark of the beast.

  22. You are correct, but most of us purists in the medical field know and wear the staff of Asclepius. While it is true that Hermes was the god of tricksters and thieves, he was best known for being the god of merchants (commerce). As such, the caduceus represents commerce. The Army Medical Corps confused the caduceus with the staff of Asclepius, and the caduceus became a symbol for medical care ever since.

  23. You may be right, but you are misinformed about the RNA vaccine, which can potentially change our genetic makeup. Since the vaccine is RNA based, it should theoretically stay in the cytoplasm, outside the nucleus where your genes are. However, it is not impossible for RNA to change one’s genetic makeup. Retroviruses, which are RNA viruses, do it all the time by using an enzyme called reverse-transcriptase to turn their RNA into DNA, which then enters the nucleus and writes itself into our genes. The genetic sequences of the RNA vaccine have been found in the genome of people who have taken RNA vaccines. Whether by design or not, their is now overwhelming scientific evidence that the RNA vaccine does write itself (or at least parts of itself) into your genome.

  24. Actually, if you look at the history of vaccines, then you would know that they do not protect people from easy-to-prevent diseases. The first vaccines infected people with the whole microbe and provided excellent immunity. Todays attenuated or dead vaccines do not provide such immunity. It is not in a microbes best interest to kill its host, so pathogenic microbes attenuate (become less harmful) over time. If you look at the cases of Polio, which is the most famous disease that vaccines supposedly wiped off the face of the Earth, they were falling at a 45-degree slope. When the vaccine was introduced, Polio continued to decline at 45-degrees. If the vaccine had the impact that we are told, then the slope should have steepened, but it did not. The decline in Polio continued at the same rate after mass vaccinations as it did before mass vaccinations. This does not mean that some vaccines are not helpful, they just are not the panacea that many believe they are, and they certainly are not what we are told they are. When it comes to reparatory viruses, like colds, flu, and Corona; vaccines are totally useless because of the vast animal vectors and they produce antibody-mediated enhancement of viral disease, which is why so many people vaccinated against Covid-19 are falling prey to infection in the middle of summer (a non-respiratory disease season). This was proven in over 20-years of animal studies, in that the immunity of animals vaccinated with RNA vaccine went into overdrive and killed them with cytokine storms when they encountered the virus in the wild, and 100% of the animals that survived developed auto-immune disease within 1-3 years. This is why, even after 20-years of clinical study, RNA vaccines never made it to human trials – until the developers got a get out of jail free card with Covid-19.

  25. Qualified doctor, that’s suspicious.. Doctors are qualified but in what? .. vaccines are man made and with the blood of babies, and other known dangerous substances for the body. When you began with vaccines have been a blessing.. Vaccines are created by people, people of sin. We cannot trust man.. and Revelation is not Johns testimony.. “This is the revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants what must soon come to pass. He made it known by sending His angel to His servant John, who testifies to everything he saw. This is the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

  26. Wow
    An unbeliever would most certainly want to join ALL of you in your FAITH as you chew through each other. SHAME ON YOU ALL. this is sad

  27. Sad Americans have forgotten our national identity of The Pilgrims which wrote Mayflower Compact. But the thousands of European mercenary immigrants Lincoln brought in didn’t have a history with colonusts did they? In fact no immigrant from pre-Civil War onward did.

    • It’s important to understand that the book of revelation chapter 13 is symbolic.thus to understand the language employed we need to go to the old testament. A beast represent a a kingdom or power. The first beast which was like leopard that came out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crown. This power emerged out of the sea which is represented by the old world. This is no other than PAPACY Power this is the system that grew out of pagan Rome. The second beast from the earth or two horned beast which was lamblike epresent the form of power or system which is Protestantism and republicanism this nation is no other than the United States of America. When persecution was heightened in eastern Europe at the time of PAPACy in 1798 a new nation sprang up we’re people found religious liberty this is America. The bible says the second beast speak like a dragon here representative of the spirit of intolerance that will develop. Because this power will work on behalf of the Papacy he performs signs and wonders here is brought to view Apostate Protestantism as the image of the beast

  28. To be honest in this beautiful world of GOD we are been ruled by luminati why saddenly we are forced to be vaccinate they must leave us and go hell alone

  29. The Children of Yisrael were commanded by God: “Therefore you shall lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.” (Deut. 11.18 NKJV) The Jews have worn the Hebrew letter “shin” (looks like a “W”, look it up) as a mark of God. The letter is the first letter in El Shaddai (God Almighty). The Orthodox wear it today in their prayer service (Amidah). Satan has long sought to counterfeit the ways of God to lead believers astray. The “Mark of the Beast” is a counterfeit of the “Mark of God.”

    Revelation 7.4 commands: “Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads.” The witnesses of God in the time of trouble at the end of the age will sealed on their foreheads. With a shin? With a physical sign or a spiritual sign? Does it matter? You cannot be “tricked” into giving up your salvation. It must be a conscious decision.

    I believe too much has been made of the “Mark of the Beast.” John wrote that it was the “number of (a) man.” The process of exchanging letters to numbers is called “gematria.” In Hebrew, there are no numbers. The letters also represent numbers. The number of man is the sixth letter since man was created on the “sixth” day. The letter representing six is “vav” that looks like a “1”. John may have written in Hebrew, “vav-vav-vav” and it was translated “666.” When you write “vav-vav-vav” in Hebrew it looks like a false “shin” (111 instead of W). Was John inferring a false god, namely “man”? Many have adopted humanism as their religion.

    I believe the mark of the beast will be a spiritual sign just as the “Mark of God” on our forehead and hand is parallel to our heart and soul. Deut. 6.4: “You shall love the Lord your God will all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength (resources).” The “Mark of God” is the heart that loves God and the Kingdom of Heaven is the heart in which God rules.

  30. Absolutely the most TRUTH I’ve ever came across on the internet thank you for sharing and expressing your own beautiful testimony of Jesus Christ our true savior of the world.

  31. It seems like y’all forget that those who take the mark of the beast will KNOW it is the mark of the beast.
    It literally can not be money, the COVID vaccine, etc. Because those who take it will KNOW IT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST. After all, Revelations 13 happens after the 7th trumpet is blown. After God’s children are gone. I don’t know about you folks, but I’m pretty sure the Holy Spirit is still with us and we, as children of God (or at least those who truly are), are still here.

    In conclusion, as of know, no one knows what the mark of the beast is. And we probably won’t for a while! Unless you plan on staying after the rapture

  32. I found this to be an excellent commentary.Currently the number of the beast is being used on every store door and all buildings in my area. starts like this. QUICK RESPONSE -CODE (QUICK R (6) ESPONS (6) E-CODE (6) EXACT 666 (PROOF OF VACCINATION PROOF O (6) F VACCI (6) NATION (6) 666 Omicron corona virus Omicro (6) n Coron (6) avirus (6) 666 not the mark of the beast but one of the three, the number or name or mark has equal value as in Rev. 13:17 . I could feel anger coming from people who read this and denial but that is what all the variants add up to . ok lets look at a simple one Novel corona virus 19) Novel c (6)oronav (6) irus 19 (6) all adds up to 666 including all of the variant so far. I have pages of them, nobody cares because we are not in revelations yet they say.

  33. Nobody cares because, in effect, you are claiming that any phrase which includes 18 letters (without or without spaces) is the Beast. That includes you: MR-BHI (6) M-PALA (6) KDHARI (6). This makes it clear YOU are the antichrist.

  34. Lots of theories. Do some research on this one for yourselves. Bill Gates/Microsoft 666 patent applied for in 2019. Technology that creates a system where a user has a device that receives and transmits signal to server. The user is rewarded for specific task with cryptocurrency. Not something to be ignored.

    • Certainly do some research, unless that involves watching conspiracy theories on YouTube. None of those things are what Revelation 13 (or the original post) were talking about.

  35. Thank you. I came onto this site looking for answers. I normally get a feeling of comfort when I read the truth. Your comment makes the most spiritual sense and gives me that comfort. Almost like the holy spirit saying there you go dummy.

  36. In the Kabbalah, the number 666 is related to Tipareth, the sphere associated with Christ. When Aleister Crowley achieved that rank on the tree of life 5:6, he called himself the Beast. Crowley was the one who reintroduced Magick in the common era. It’s a neutral science, mind effecting matter through imagination, but the powers that be are black magicians and have introduced a watered down form of magick to the masses known as the Law of Attraction. It takes several forms. New Thought, the Gospel of Prosperity, the Secret and so on. Real magick requires moral prerequisites, one being to never use the powers achieved for material gain. The first oath is that of the Bodhisattva, to dedicate whatever you learn to the assistance of humanity, to relieve suffering. At any rate the Illuminati for lack of a better term consider Crowley the Beast. Thelema is the religion of the Beast. The antichrist who forces us to worship the image is yet to come. Might have been born during the 2020 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn symbolizing the shift from Pisces to Aquarius, these conjunctions being the true star of the Magi. Jesus was born during the last conjunction.

  37. Many, not all, vaxxers associate a anti-vaxx position specifically with Christians. Read the comments from liberal news sites if you aren’t aware of this. Christians are headed down the same path of the Jews in WWII. Do I think the vaccine is the mark of the beast? No. Do I believe that people (Christian or not) that “run” to get the vaccine because the government is stoking fear…well that is conditioning through propaganda to accept more of what they have in store for us in the future. Franklin Graham, whom I have much respect for was vaccinated, (and recently had to have surgery for myocarditis…hmmmm) said this: “If a scannable chip under the skin can contain vaccine information, adding other personal information and financial data could be a short step away. This may sound frightening; but people who have put their faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, don’t need to be afraid. We should not live in fear. God told us what was coming in His Word. Make sure that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life by repenting of your sins and putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.” If your name is written in The Lamb’s Book of Life, do you not think that should we be presented with the opportunity to take the mark what ever that may be, that the Holy Spirit would not warn you? Even deaf, dumb and blind, mentally incapacitated people are written in the Book, praise God!! Have faith, fear not, He got your back!!!!

  38. Hello all, a teaching which makes sense as a biblical translation of 666 is WWW – World Wide Web. The Hebrew alphabet carries value – 6 = W. Confirm this through any local rabbi.

  39. You are talking about gematria. Hebrew has no numbers, the letters also represent numbers so every word can also have a numerical value (and can link to other words by their numerical value!). The Hebrew letter Shin (W) is the 21st letter in the Alph-Bet and is equal to the number 300. The sixth letter Vav (1) is the number six. So if John wrote vav-vav-vav, the numerical value would be 18 and not 666. Gematria only works in Hebrew.

  40. In biblical times people were identified by their first name.
    Consider the following first names of the last four USA Presidents elected.

    Joseph,Donald, Barack, George . In the event that Kamala does a short stint before the return of Donald Trump we have the completion of the logical sequence 666666

    All will have DONALD stamped on our foreheads ? He puts TRUMP on his buildings. Heaven help us !

  41. I think the point of the post is being missed. Reading through the comments there is so much speculation of what the “actual” mark of the beast is, whereas the post is talking about the description of what the mark of the beast means. Throughout the comments some of them speculate that politicians or presidents represent or are the mark of the beast, yet the beginning of the post prefaces that this is not the case. P. Long drives deep into the research, background, and meaning of this depiction in revelation so that readers can have a better understanding and interpretation of the point the book of revelation is trying to portray. I think it is important that the readers grasp this point rather than using the post as a means to share their ideas on what the mark may be. This is not something we will know until it comes to be. The importance of it now is understanding God’s plans for the future and the point of the book of revelation.

  42. The idea of marking someone as set apart is common in the Bible and in ancient near-Eastern culture, as noted in the post. Another connection might be that of Cain, who was marked by God so that no one would kill him for being accursed. Another parallel comes in the beginning of very next chapter (as was mentioned in the post), where the 144,000 (and later the followers of the Lamb) are marked in the same manner with the unknown names of Jesus and the Father (Rev. 14:1; 22:4). No matter the specific influence for this practice (though I tend to lean in the direction of the mark being like that of a slave being marked as his master’s property), or if the practice is literal or metaphorical, the point is that those who do not follow the Lord are marked as His people, and those who follow the Beast are marked with his number.

    I lean toward the mark not being literal, and so I would encourage believers to make their faith evident to the world as if they did have a physical mark on them. Everyone should know when someone belongs to the Father, and the one who hides their “mark” in public will be treated similarly by Jesus (Matt. 10:33). It is also important to remember that the reception of the mark is a conscious decision, and so anyone who worries about being secretly injected with a microchip hidden in a vaccine has nothing to worry about. The mark denotes that one has made a firm decision to reject the Lord.

  43. What a thread of conversation this blog post has, I think that taking modern medicine, no matter one’s opinion, as the mark of the beast is a bit farfetched. The way of interpreting Scripture can be tricky when we start to apply our own opinions and model it to fit our way of thinking. I do think that it’s interesting that everyone always points to politics and only blames / sees individuals in the US rather than looking at what is happening around the world. I think extremists have this mindset that America is the only country that matters when it comes to the end times by assuming the president is an antichrist or thinking that a pattern of political figures equals out to make a pattern of 666. I am not sure where all of that comes from because Scripture makes it very clear that all of the nations will be involved with the mark of the beast and the end times.

    I lean more towards the literal interpretation of Scripture and do believe that the mark is going to have a physical appearance or have a mind / body altering change; but the time is going to be a bit more telling. Arguably, there are other countries in the world today that may be living what feels like the end times, but not everyone is privileged enough to live in America with freedom of worship. I’m not saying that individuals in China have a mark of the beast but it’s not a secret that Christians there are suffering the same as a martyr would that we hear of in the end times. This is just the start of a wave effect that will take place and one day it will reach our doorstep where we will be confronted with making a decision of if we as believers want to accept the terms of a new ‘ruler’ and denounce the Lord.

  44. six-hundred three score and six
    666 Revelations Chapter 7 Verse 6
    6 from Asher 12,000
    from Naphtali 12,000
    from Manasseh 12,000

    Manasseh Asher Naphtali
    Son of M.A.N.

    six-hundred three score and six
    62. 1 John 63. 2 John 64. 3 John
    666 John – “You are of your father the Devil”

    I am the true Messiah
    Matthias Allen Nickerson Son of M.A.N. of the House of Jacob & King David
    Matthias/Matityah means Gift of God/Bear
    I’m the Bear Jew
    I’m Jude that suffered at the hands of Christians & their world. You go backwards from Jude to Romans then in Acts “they threw lots (of acts) and the lots fell on Matthias who was chosen”.
    Barsabbas (Justus) was not chosen, so no Justus for Christian’s.

    John is the name of the man who drugged and raped me when I was 20 years old. His parents were Jesus Freak Baptists who put him through shock therapy when he was a little boy because he was homosexual. They were trying to electrocute the gay out of him. It’s how Frankenstein created his monster.

    My name Matthias Allen Nickerson in Hebrew Lexicon adds up to 1984 which is strong’s number for “Shine” & hilariously Hadad. Hadad was the son of Ishmael, father of Islam and brother of Isaac. Hadad was worshipped as a deity in Babylon and Palestine as the thunder god. In Judeo-Christian Etymology Hadad is Baal or Satan. He wears a helmet with horns representative of a Bull. Loud, Proud, and Bolstering! Isaiah – “He will smite the earth with the rod of his mouth and slay the wicked with the breath of his lips”.

    I am the real Mashiach Ben David and coincidentally the Christian Anti-Christ as well. LMFAO

  45. Ian and Phillip are SORELY wrong and lost, promoting toxic jabs as blessings. The scratch, karagma, of the mark, looks just like A NEEDLE or micropatch of MANY NEEDLES and is actually changing DNA as admitted by Moderna – it’s the entire point of the MRNA tech. Dr. David Martin makes this clear. You talk about “conspiracy theories” as if Satan The DECEIVER isn’t the God of this world. He rules through deception and lies. Rockefeller Medicine is a LIE ever since they took over the educational system and made out doctors prescribing exercise, diet and oils like CBD, which kills cancer cells, as quacks. It is also the title of a book you should read. You both sorely need a true education on the way this fallen, Satanic, illuminati-run world works.

    Show me ONE STUDY comparing a vaccinated population vs an unvaccinated population. PROVE to me the effectiveness of these shots! You can’t. Only INDEPENDENT studies have been done on this and all of them have shown that unvaccinated children to be healthier. Vaccines are the ONLY medical products that aren’t subjected to double blind testing to truly test their safety. Why not? Because they don’t have to. They are mandated products. Thus, there’s literally no incentive to make them safe. This is reflected in the over $4 billion paid out to date in vaxx damages, with an estimated 1% of damages reported. Anyone born prior to 1989 you have a 12% chance of having a chronic diseases. After 1989, you have a 56% chance of having a chronic disease. This INCLUDES autism which exploded from 1/10k to 1/34 people, the diabetes epidemic, allergies, asthma, cancers and hundreds more.

    All of which, just to note, are either directly listed as a side effect on the vaccine manufacturer’s packaging or can develop from a listed adverse effect.  All 72 vaccines in a child’s schedule are made by 4 companies, all of which are SERIAL FELONS (negligence damages, penalty violations and and fraud charges), yet, quite unlike a doctor, they can never be sued since they have no liability no matter how negligent they were. In the CDC’s own report, published in an American Pediatric journal (pro vaccine), it was admitted that vaxxes are not responsible for the longevity of life in the 20th century – but rather, two things: 1. The great labor movements to move people away from toxic factories, especially children. 2. ENGINEERING feats: The chlorination of water, toilets to every household vs 1 to an entire community, sewage treatment plants, sanitation improvements and electric refrigeration, which allowed for better nutrition and less stress about worrying for the next meal. See, when people poison the environment with toxins and EMFs they’re also poisoning human and animal cells. When these cells are toxic they express a virus. Viruses are not external or foreign, not alive and not transmittable unless injected. PERIOD.

    Vaccines contain: Formaldehyde, aluminum (absorbed 100% via injection), aborted fetal cells (human diploid), pig blood, phenol, polysorbate, MSG, aspartame, mercury (in amounts deemed to be safe regardless of facts), calf skin, chick embryonic fluid, mouse serum proteins, monkey kidney cells and a HOST of other toxins that have never been tested and studied for the long term effects of injecting them into our blood in combination. Vaccines are carcinogens and poisonous. 60% of American adults and 50% of the children have a lifelong chronic disease (includes allergies, asthma). Over 500,000 Americans pass annually from medical errors and drugs. Where is the rage, distancing and war from big pharma? Vaxx companies pay max 250k per injured child and they’ve paid out +$4billion to date in damages. Vaccines are the savior of the failing pharmaceutical industry. We can take back our health through diet, exercise and natural supplements, but a PLANdemic emerges everyone wants drugs and vaccines because the media and the big pharma doctors told them to. Your body is incredible at keeping you healthy. You just need to be responsible and feed it right, especially vitamin D.

    The vaccine savior model is easily refuted by studying timeline charts of the actual death rates from said diseases comparative to the introduction of the countering vaccines. The big kick is that many of these diseases were ALREADY in dramatic decline prior to the vaccine introduction. This is due to great labor movements moving people, and especially children, away from toxic factories. Also, ENGINEERING – new systems in how we dealt with hygiene, sanitation and such things: Sewage treatment facilities, the chlorination of water, refrigerators, etc. These are the things required to be free of “infectious” disease: Clean air, water and food. Not vaccines. Not drugs. If you are deficient and or toxic, you will get sick. Period.

  46. TJ, people can be anti-Vaxx, but to associate vaccinations with the MotB is hopelessly ignorant of what the Bible actually says.

    Maybe “toxic jabs as blessings” are corrections of seriously dangerous errors.

  47. This post is old, but I just came across it. When I was in college I tripped across an interesting fact that may, or may not, have any significance. At the time of the writing of this scripture the numbering system most in use would have been Romn numerals. If you add up the unique digits of the roman numbers from 1-500 you get 666.

    I = 1
    V = 5
    X = 10
    L = 50
    C = 100
    D = 500

    1+5+10+50+100+500 = 666

    What does that mean, if anything? I have no idea.

  48. Wow that’s real I’ve never thought about it like that great way to put it.

  49. There will be many who come to me saying “Lord, Lord! Did we not do all these things in your name?” and I will say to them “Depart from me, I never knew you.”

    This passage tells us that just because we might think we have the faith necessary to deserve salvation (incidentally, ‘deserving’ salvation is the wrong mindset – we attain salvation only by the grace of God), we might mess it up, and worse, we might attribute our evil actions to the one who is not evil.

    In Revelation yet again, there is the passage regarding “lukewarm” Christians, whom Christ will “spew out from his mouth” rather than take in. This passage is in reference to the understanding that a lukewarm Christian will justify themselves by the word they find convenient, while eschewing the word that doesn’t fit with their agenda. Rather than allowing the word to change them, they think to change the word, reversing whom is in charge, not unlike what Adam did, in Genesis. This is why Jesus would prefer that we were either “hot or cold” for him than lukewarm. This is telling. This means he would rather we reject him entirely than carry a half-hearted faith in him, that there is greater danger in this than there is in the one who rejects him. Why? Because the one who rejects him falls so low as there can only be one thing they could ever accept in order to be saved, whereas the one who only accepts what they want to of him, perverts his teachings, and leads others astray as well. For them, it is better that a millstone be tied about their neck and they be cast into the sea.

    Before the end, many (not few) will fall away – indicating that there are going to be many Christians in the lukewarm category, many who will fall for the great delusion. Do everything you can NOT to be in this category!

  50. I wish I had been more vocal when they first rolled out. I didn’t know half of what we now do, back then, but I knew even before then that this image of God we all walk around in was sophisticated beyond all possible comprehension, given the ability to weather illness, recover from injury, learn, unlearn – the human body is miraculous by any means of measure – and yet man continues to think that they know better than that which created man.

    The argument since became “how miraculous it is, that man was so perfectly created that we can also learn to create our own remedies” and boy oh boy did this rip my family apart. When the ENTIRE message of the Bible is to place our trust in the Lord, and then to record in the myriad instances where we opted to place our trust in ourselves and the dire consequences this always lead to, to still have this mindset permeating our world shocked me, and continues to shock me, as a believer.

    Do I think the vaccines were the Mark of the Beast? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that there will never be an answer from man that I will knowingly choose over the answer I receive in trusting God, who has never lead me astray. And if a disease should come that takes me out of this world, then so be it – I would rather die in this way than live putting my faith in man. And I don’t want to die! But I will if it means more glory to God, by so doing.

    But what about my parents/loved ones I’m putting at risk? I don’t think I’m putting them at risk. In fact, I think the opposite. I think I’m putting my loved ones at risk if I DO place my faith in man. Not at risk in this life. At risk in the next. If I compromise my faith by capitulating to the will of the world, then I am not leading my house. People in my family chose the remedy out of lack of faith, but this doesn’t condemn them outright, it just shows me that I haven’t been strong enough in my faith to guide them the way I could have, had I been.

    Do I think the vaccines are connected to the Mark? Beyond a shadow of a doubt. They’re a wake-up call, to those of us professing to have faith. The world is spiralling ever closer to the events of Revelation. The mere fact alone that this man-made remedy shredded to ribbons families and friendships should speak VOLUMES to the Christian community. I’m still in the process of trying to restore what can be restored, but this might be beyond me, by this point, save – again – by the grace of God. Nevertheless, I will keep trying, until it becomes apparent that there’s nothing else I can do apart from compromising my faith, which I refuse to. And of course, that’s easier said than done. If Peter denied Jesus three times, when it comes right down to it, we’re all capable of falling away. And it’s time we all accepted this truth of ourselves, no matter which side of the vaccine argument we landed on.

  51. Hello Shawna, you stated: ” . . . no where ‘dose’ (sp?) It say you will be killed for not taking the mark of the beast . . .”. I would like to direct your attention to Revelation 19:20 20 And the wild beast was taken and with him the false prophet who wrought miracles before him with which he deceived those who had received the mark of the wild beast and those who worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. 21 And the others were slain by the sword that came out from the mouth of him who sat upon the horse; and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.” I think that’s pretty dead, don’t you think?

  52. The mark of the beast breaks one of the ten commandments. We know this because those who escape the mark and enter new Jerusalem, keep the commandments of God. Rev.12:17, 14:12, 22:14. Jesus said the law cannot be changed, even in the slightest. Matt.5:17,18. Of course, the book of the law is changed for the Christian, because there is no need for animal sacrifices. Also, no need for weekly sabbaths which foreshadowed the first coming of Christ. The law which Jesus says cannot be changed, is the ten commandments. That law is forever. Psa.111:7,8. Early in church history, the Catholic Church let large numbers of pagans into the church, but instead of changing the pagans, the church was changed. They began to worship on Sundays, the pagan day for sun worship. They also brought idols into the church, changing the names to Bible saints. The Catholic catechism contains an altered ten commandments. The commandment against bowing to graven images is omitted. The commandment against coveting has been split into two commandments, so there are still ten. More to the point, God’s seventh day Sabbath has been replaced by Sunday. Even though the Protestants claimed to follow God’s word, they continued the Sunday tradition, rather than keeping the Sabbath commandment. (It is Exod.20:8-11) The little horn (Antichrist) would think to change times and laws. Dan.7:25. The papacy has fulfilled this, and nearly all of Christianity has been deceived by it. For biblical proof that the papacy is the Antichrist, watch Mark Woodman’s video, “Who is the Antichrist”. When worship on Sunday is enforced by law, it will be the mark of the beast. We can show our love and loyalty to God by obeying his commandments now.

  53. 2 dead in my family post vaxx. They are going to put us in Smart or 15 minute cities

  54. First and foremost,
    “Hey! Look a Dinisaur!” (whollops you on the back of the head with saucepan).
    The first thing that I have been trying to make sense of is the most important part of the story and the other one is that it can not be able to get in touch with a lot of things that are worthy of learning about.
    R.i.p Sticky Tape

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