Biblical Studies Carnival 169 for March 2020

Brent Niedergall posted the Biblical Studies Carnival 169 for March 2020, and it is a good one. Plenty of great links to all things Biblical Studies around the internet for the month of March. He has links to quite a few blogs which are new to me. Head over to Brent’s blog and click all the links and tell him how much you appreciate his work.

Like a good carnival, Brent has fun and games and a few prizes. He has an exclusive coupon code for Carnival readers courtesy of Baylor University Press and an amazing giveaway from Lexham Press. There are links to free stuff from Randy Leedy from All he needs is popcorn and an elephant ear truck to make this the perfect carnival.

A word about the numbering: Bob MacDonald (who really knows numbers) has insisted for quite a while that the numbering was wrong. I went over the past carnival lists and could not figure out where the error was, but honestly, I do not do numbers very well. Much like my bank statement, I will accept that Bob has been right all along and this is really the 169th Biblical Studies Blog.  I have been cajoling people into hosting the carnival since August 2012, and for the first time in that nearly eight year period, I do not have a host for the next carnival. Usually I have four or five months lined up, but for now, no one has volunteered.

I can always host a month and I know Jim West is always willing and quite capable, but I would like to see a few volunteers to use some of their shelter-in-place time to curate a Biblical Studies Carnival. Even if you hosted in 2019 feel free to volunteer again. I am always interested in getting new bloggers and podcasters involved. If you have questions about what writing a carnival involves, contact me via email, or twitter DM @plong42


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