Biblical Studies Carnival 167 for December 2019

Alex Finkelson posted an excellent year-end Biblical Studies Carnival at Scribes of the Kingdom. He has a great collection of posts on Christmas and Hanukkah themes as well as links to a few “best-of-the-year lists.” Along with the usual categories of OT/NT/Theology, Alex has a nice list of “new publications that look promising” and a collection of book reviews posted in December.

Jim West will ring in the start the 2020 Biblio-blogging season off with the January 2020 carnival and veteran Biblio-blogger Bob MacDonald is hosting the February carnival (due March 1) and newcomer Brent Niedergall hosts in March 2020 (Due April 1).

I am looking for volunteers for the rest of 2020. If you hosted in 2019 feel free to volunteer again, but I am also interested in getting new bloggers and podcasters involved. Six of the hosts in 2019 were first-time hosts.

Carnivals are fun to write and a good Carnival draws attention to your blog. The Amateur Exegete posted his year in Blog Summary last week, his August 2019 carnival was his second most popular post of the year.

I would love to hear from a few volunteers and fill out the 2020 Biblioblog schedule, so contact me at or twitter dm @plong42 to volunteer to host!

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